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Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 got off to a stellar opening weekend, moving 1.2 million units worldwide. Hopefully it will be the spark that starts the Wii U motor running!

It's incredible how easy it is to share replays to Youtube, here's one of my recent races with the family:

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Come join me for Extra Life on Saturday!

I've been remiss. I've forgotten to talk about Extra Life here on the blog until now! Whoops! Well, it's time to fix that.

This year will be the first time I'm taking part in Extra Life, a 24 hour game marathon to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. I will be raising money for Sick Kids Foundation here in Toronto.

I'm streaming the entire thing at so please drop by anytime during the event and see what I'm up to. My schedule is as follows:

Nov.2 Schedule [all times ET]

8:00 Rayman Legends

10:00 Zelda Wind Waker HD

12:00 Wonderful 101

14:00 Disney Infinity

16:00 Wii Retrospective

18:00 Pikmin 3

20:00 Fight!

22:00 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Nov.3 Schedule [crazy time]

NFS Most Wanted

Mark of the Ninja

Dark Souls


5:00 Kids choice

8:00 Finish!

It's going to be a little crazy as I get into the wee hours, but hopefully I'll make it for the whole thing. The fun thing about being a Dad is that my kids are now old enough to play with me, and they'll be helping me out through the whole day. They've promised that they'll wake up early on Sunday to relieve me for the last few hours, so that should be interesting!

To donate, go to and help me reach my goal of $500!


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Monday Night Fight - Hunting with Dads

So Monday night I teamed up with a couple of Dads from the teamworkcast site to get to the next level in Monster Hunter (I'm now HR 4). I fought Brachydios for the first time, that was entertaining! (Jump to 1:54:30 to watch it) But for some reason Tuesday morning I woke up with a fever and ended up being sick all day. Coincidence?

Watch live video from Games with GamingCthulhu on TwitchTV

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Dad's Hunt Trultimate Edition Night 2 - GamingCthulhu's stream

Last night I participated in a teamworkcast community hunt, featuring mostly dads like myself. GamingCthulhu, clembk, Tomcattt and I banded together to take down a wide range of monsters. Here is GamingCthulhu's stream from the hunt! Check it out, you can watch me trying not to die!

Watch live video from Games with GamingCthulhu on TwitchTV

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Happy New Years! Time to work on my pile.

Well, Happy New Years everybody. Hope you had a good time last night counting down from 10, but for me, I was asleep. Got to get my rest, because I've got a big job in 2013. Tackling my pile.

With the help of the gamerswithjobs forum and a site called backloggery, I've embarked on a journey, one that will see me finish all the games in my pile, and not buy too many new ones. You can see my backlog here, and see the games I'm working on currently. There are 35 unfinished games in my backlog, 6 of which are unplayed.

Right now I'm playing New Super Mario Bros. U, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and very shortly I'll be starting The Last Story. I'm planning on live streaming The Last Story, if you're interested you can catch it on, or click on the TV tab right at the top of the site, and watch this excellent JRPG as I play through it for the first time.

I am committed to buying 4 games in 2013, Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Mass Effect 3 Wii U Edition. Anything else is contingent on my finishing the pile.

So wish me luck as I plow through the pile this year, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you for each of these games.

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