Hi, Eugene here.

I've been playing video games since I can remember. When I was little I remember the first home Pong and light gun console games I got to play at family dinners at our friends' houses. I remember the first time I played the Atari 2600. Playing games on a Commodore PET computer. When we got our very own Colecovision. And then the Apple ][ where I played Choplifter and Zork. And Spyhunter. And Dr. J vs Bird. When Electronic Arts was still two words. Oh, and of course, Ultima IV.

The arcades came next in my life, games like Defender and PacMan, Pole Position and Tempest. That time in high school at new years where we stayed up all night playing Arkanoid on my friend's PC.

The first time I played Gauntlet. "You are about to die" ringing in my ears. The first time I saw Dragon's Lair.

The Playstation I borrowed from my buddy to play Metal Gear Solid and Gran Turismo. Tomb Raider. The Sega Genesis I rented to play Sonic when I got my wisdom teeth out and had to stay home a couple of days.

Playing Prince Of Persia on my Mac. Sticking with Mac meant that I missed a lot of great PC games, but I managed to find a few good ones. Anyone remember Pararena?

I played Myth, various Mysts, Future Cop:LAPD and Black and White on my Mac. Thank you Blizzard for making Diablo, and Diablo II for the Mac. It was good times.

And then in 2003 I became a dad. And again in 2004. There was no time to play games anymore.

But the kids grew up a little. And then we got a Wii. And then a DS. And then I built a (gaming) PC and discovered Steam. And then I got an iPhone. And I got my wife an iPad. 

So here we are. As you can probably see, there are major holes in my gaming history. Doesn't mean I don't love games, though. And I'm back to experience what I can, with and without my kids.


I am mainly split between the Nintendo consoles (Wii and Wii U) and PC games, with a little bit of DS and iOS thrown in there as well. I will never cover first person shooters or any games that are from the first person perspective, not because I don't like them, but because I have trouble with motion sickness and dizziness, and I simply can't play games in first person.