On the hunt for some good DS games

We got a Nintendo DS Lite system about two years ago, ostensibly for my wife, although we knew that it would mostly get played by our two kids, at the time aged 6 and 8.

I tried to keep it interesting for us, giving my wife Scribblenauts for Christmas the first year, hunting down a GBA version of Puzzle Fighter (a game we used to play on the PlayStation together, properly known as Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo) and semi-permanently borrowing a perrennial favourite, Tetris DS from a friend. Otherwise the games have been mostly for the kids, things like Littlest Pet Shop, Cooking Mama, or Ni Hao Kai Lan. Games that for the most part, I don't play.

Well it's been a few years now, and the kids have moved on from the DS to mostly playing with my iPhone and my wife's iPad. Indicative of a greater trend that's happening all across the world. And yet. I know the difference. And so began my quest to get some games for me to play on the venerable DS.

My first acquisition? After thinking about buying this classic RPG on my iPhone, I decided instead to get the DS version of Chrono Trigger. A port of the original SNES game, featuring a revised translation of the Japanese, and two additional areas of the game, it sounds like this is the definitive version, although purists might disagree. It should be arriving in a week or so.

Next on the hit list? From ebay, a copy of Animal Crossing Wild World (which I will give to my oldest, now 10, for Christmas... shhh!). And I'm currently hunting for the first Professor Layton game, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, also for a Christmas present, for my wife (again, shhhh!!).

I've been combing through various "best DS games" lists, and also have gotten some good recommendations from the nintendo-okie.com crew (Castelvania (which one?!), Dragon Quest IX, Monster Tale, and  New Super Marios Bros - thanks guys you're awsome!) so I'll be doing some more hunting on ebay in the next little while.

Posted on October 22, 2012 and filed under Article.