7 days out from Wii U... peripherals

One time I bought what I thought would be a good accessory for my Wii. An induction charging system. In principle, the idea was genius. You simply lay the Wii remote on top of the charger, leaving the rubber sleeve on, and it would charge while it lay there. Genius, right? The only downside was, the batteries weren't any good. They wouldn't hold a charge worth a lick, and I would inevitably pick up a controller, hoping to play, and find that the battery was dead.

In the end I decided to just switch back to AA rechargeables, and now that they have those kind that hold their charge for months, even while on the shelf, I'm much happier.

I'm hoping that I'll be happy with the Wii U Gamepad charger as well, because I think that thing is going to get a lot of use, given that the Gamepad's battery life is estimated at only 4 hours.

Thinking about batteries led me to reflect on all the peripherals that the Wii has managed to get me to buy over the years.

There were the steering wheels of Mario Kart. The gigantic maracas that came with Samba De Amigo. The Wii Fit balance board. And the granddaddy, the drums and Hofner bass that came with Beatles Rock Band, and the additional guitar that I bought to play that game. I cheaped out on that one though, I didn't get the Beatles guitar (although those did look really sweet) but got a cheaper yellow one that looked like a Telecaster.

There was the Classic Controller, and the Classic Controller Pro that came with Monster Hunter Tri. The Tatsunoko vs Capcom fightstick. The two wireless Wavebird Gamecube controllers that I got so I could play Soul Calibur II and Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes.

And let's not forget the additional Wii remotes, the Motion Plus dongle, the new Wii remotes with Motion Plus built in... that's a lot of peripherals to support one console.

Now that there will be two Nintendo consoles in the house, I'm not sure what's going to happen. I know that I want the Wii to be a Gamecube and virtual console machine, so I'll probably only need a single Wii remote, the Wavebirds, and the Classic Controller for that.

There will probably be some more nunchuck controllers purchased to match the number of Wii remotes I have, but that new wireless Pro Controller looks sweet as well. That can wait though, becasue I'm going to try to use the Gamepad as much as possible, to get as much of the intended experience as I can.

Posted on November 10, 2012 and filed under Countdown.