Fascinating look at the marketing of Wii U

Scott Moffit, executive VP of sales and marketing, on the timing of advertising for the Wii U:

The timing is almost to the day the same as we used for Wii. We weren’t trying to copy that plan exactly, but it just happened that way. We put a media plan together. We wanted to build awareness quickly, so it’s multi-touchpoint. There will be messages coming at people from every direction. We thought that Wreck-It Ralph was a good place to have some cinema. That’s where our advertising premiered over the weekend.

It’s not like a hardcore game where you need to release your advertising five weeks ahead of a game launch. For us, it’s fine to be closer to the launch. I think that makes more sense. The other factor, candidly, is that with an election campaign this year, there was less media available prior to when we bought, and it was much more expensive.

The full interview at venturebeat.com 

Posted on November 11, 2012 and filed under News.