1UP with a look at the success of the Wii

Jeremy Parish, writing for 1UP:

Nintendo's gamble paid off: The Wii sold strong through that first year. Then, despite constant predictions that the Wii bubble would burst or the Wii fad would end, it kept right on selling. It's only been within the past year or so that the console's momentum has finally fizzled out -- and even then, its downward trend matches that of its competitors' faltering sales as the current console cycle runs out of steam.

A look at the system's best-selling games tell the full story: It's played host to more than 100 million-selling titles, a feat matched only by PlayStation 2... and its nine most successful games have exceeded 10 million units apiece. Its top five titles are among the 10 best-selling games ever. Thanks to being a pack-in title outside Japan, Wii Sports is the single most successful console game in history. Any way you slice up the data, it tells the story of a staggeringly popular machine.

The full article is found here: Blue Ocean Thinking: How Nintendo's Wii Gamble Paid Off

Posted on November 13, 2012 .