More details about Monster Hunter 4

Siliconera has some more details about the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 game and its beginning stages:

Your hunting journey begins in a market town, known as Barubaré, where many travelers and their caravans get together to sell goods and gather information. There are various shops in town for players to find just about everything they need to start their adventure, such as equipment, items and more.

Barubaré is also where you’ll meet the leader, who will recruit you as part of his caravan troupe and provide you with an Insect Staff as your very first weapon. It looks like Capcom want players to get hands-on time with Monster Hunter 4’s brand new weapon class as soon as possible.

The second village is called Naguri, and you'll be able to travel between them via your caravan, which comes complete with its own crew. It appears that these two towns aren't the only ones in Monster Hunter 4, with other locales becoming unlocked as you progress through the game.

Monster Hunter 4 will be released on the 3DS sometime. Likely at the exact same time that I buy a 3DS. 

Link: gonintendo || Source: siliconera

Posted on November 13, 2012 and filed under News.