24 hours with the Wii U

So I've had a day with the Wii U now, and here's a recap of how the first 24 hours went.

10:00 AM: Package arrives! I only have time to open the shipping box and look at the Wii U.

11:00 AM: Regular mail delivers New Super Mario Bros U. Good timing!

2:45PM: Unboxing ceremony performed.

4:00 PM: Plug in Wii U and charge Gamepad. Try to set up the Wii U without hooking it up to the TV. You can't do that. Decide to go to club nintendo and register my games for coins. New Super Mario Bros U is entered. Nintendo Land doesn't have a PIN code in it, at least not the pack in version. I try to enter my Wii U serial number. It tells me that I have to link my Nintendo ID to club nintendo through the Wii U itself. Will do that later.

4:30 PM: Vacuum the dust around my TV

4:45 PM: Get the Wii U hooked up, turned on. Initial set up goes great. I get the TV remote part working. I set up the wifi password. Start downloading the update. Play with my younger daughter while its downloading.

6:00 PM: After about an hour, it's done downloading and updating, but it's time for dinner. Agonizing.

7:00 PM: I'm back! Did you miss me, Wii U? Of course not. I set up my Nintendo ID (gamerparent, of course) and make a new Mii. The create a Mii from photo works pretty well, I accept. I let both girls create their own Mii's before bedtime.

7:45 PM: I can't figure out how to perform "initial setup of friends list". I cannot find the friends list, how can I set it up? I google it. Friends list appears when you click the "Home" button. Aha! Now that's set up, and I can add people through Miiverse. Cool! The limit is 100 friends, but you can follow 1000.

8:30 PM: The kids are tucked in to bed. I decide to test out the range of the Gamepad. Wii U is in the basement, I go upstairs to the living room, directly above the console. It works, mostly! Location is critical, the closer I am the better it works, but it does lose connection from time to time. I download my first eShop game, Nano Assault Neo. I play it a little, just from the Gamepad, upstairs from the Wii U. Not bad! Some glitches, though, so I'll probably have to find the best spot to sit up here. 

I link my club nintendo account to my Nintendo ID. I set up my Netflix account, I add and follow a few more people on Miiverse. I notice all the dust and lint that has already been attracted to the Gamepad. Sigh.

10:30 PM: Time to turn in.

8:30 AM: I turn it on, just to check my Miiverse. Three friend requests! Awesome. I poke around WaraWara Plaza a bit, checking out what people are saying. Noticing that most people prefer drawing and handwritten notes over typed ones. Some amazing artists out there!

Checking back on club nintendo, I do the Wii U survey for 160 coins. I also get a notice saying that in a week I can do the Nintendo Land survey for 50 coins. Happy.


Posted on November 20, 2012 and filed under Reviews.