Quick Thoughts on The Wonderful 101

Game: The Wonderful 101

Developer: Platinum Games

Launch date: Launch window

I tried the demo of this at the Discover Wii U Tour recently, and I thought I'd give you some of my thoughts.

- 8 minute time limited demo

- starts off in a circular park area, where you fight the first boss

- the second boss appears as you progress down the street from the park, in a residential neighbourhood

- then a huge helicopter ship crashes down in the street and you have to destroy it before moving on to the next area

- I wasn't able to defeat the third boss in time

- red fist, blue sword, green gun formations available, each activated by drawing a different shape on the Gamepad screen

- You draw a circle on the Gamepad to gather more people into your group, I found it hard to judge where the circle would be appearing, since there was no view of the street on the gamepad, just an overlay of the three shapes for fist, sword and gun

- it was a lot of crazy action and fun, there were a lot of things happening on the screen. Game utilizes the Gamepad and has many controls (dodging, consolidating into a blob, attacking, rushing, etc.)


Posted on November 21, 2012 and filed under Reviews.