8 days out from Wii U... TVii

So I'm counting down the days till my Wii U gets here, and what better way to make the wait go faster than by talking about the things I'm most looking forward to, right?

Today it's TVii, Nintendo's new media centre idea that was totally under the radar until they announced it in New York back in September. It was an Apple-esque achievement, keeping TVii a secret.

What is the promise of TVii? Well for starters is the idea that your Gamepad will be a glorified remote control, allowing you to change channels, volume, etc. on your TV, no matter the brand. That is at its most basic level, however. The really interesting part is the integration of online services and, if you have it, a TiVo box into the mix.

Nintendo TVii hopes to offer the user a level of abstraction from stations and networks, and instead lets you focus solely on "what do I want to watch?". Type that in, and TVii will bring up that show or movie, and let you know where it's available for you to watch or rent, whether it is Netflix, Hulu, amazon, or recorded on your TiVo, or showing live on TV. Netflix is huge for me, and even though I have a HTPC I think I will use the Wii U instead if it has a nice interface and search built in.

There is a social component to it as well, which is supposed to allow you to recommend shows to your friends, comment on a scrolling timeline of the show as it's happening, and get sports updates in real time.

It's all very ambitious, and the big question is whether it will all work. Personally, I can't wait to find out!

Posted on November 9, 2012 and filed under Countdown.