More Room for Games, I guess

The next iPhone might get bigger, according to rumours. Joshua Schnell:

Reuters, not a publication that takes rumors lightly, has published a report based on an unnamed source speaking to the Maeil Business Newspaper. It’s a little bit surprising, and it’s starting to look like Reuters may be getting in on the cash cow that is iPhone rumors. Also, the Maeil Business Newspaper is a Korean based newspaper, so there could be some connection to Samsung factories in the region. That being said, there’s no mention on the Maeil Business Newspaper website of this story at all, so it appears Reuters got the news from an actual printed paper, conveniently.

Rumors of a larger screen iPhone have been around since before the iPhone 4S release last October. It didn’t happen then, and we’re not completely sold that it’ll happen this time around. Personally I think the 3.5-inch screen of the current iPhone is pretty perfect, but I have girly hands, so you sausage finger dudes may disagree with me.

I tend to agree that the 3.5-inch size is just about perfect, especially for small kids hands.

Posted on March 22, 2012 .