I never impulse buy a game, yet there I was...

Today at Best Buy I wandered in with a $5 off reward zone coupon. I was intending to buy something, but I wasn't sure what. I was thinking maybe a Blu-ray, but nothing caught my eye.

So I wandered down the Wii aisle. I almost got the Drawsome tablet (a steal at $5 off $19.99) but this caught my eye instead: Rayman Origins. I quickly had a check on my iPhone to read some reviews, and astonishingly it got some pretty positive feedback, even for the Wii version. 92 on Metacritic? Wow. So I bought it. I'm all for getting sleeper hits, and for supporting companies and games when they make an effort to do something good on the Wii.

It seems that as we're coming to the end of the Wii's lifecycle, the games are drying up, and that may be so. But games like this one, along with Xenoblade Chronicles (which is eating my brain at the moment) and Last Story tell a different tale. The Wii might be singing its swan song, but man, the song has never been as sweet.

Posted on April 13, 2012 .