Quick and Dirty review of Rayman Origins Wii


One of the pitfalls awaiting Rayman and crew

T age 7: "It's a lot of fun. Also, it's kind of hard. Not!"

J age 9: "I really enjoyed Rayman, it was a lot more fun that I thought a platformer would be. I don't usually like platformers, so it was a suprise. It's fun to punch my sister. I really like the graphics, the design was nicer than the other retro platformers I've tried, like Donkey Kong Country or Super Mario Bros. This one also lets you start again in the middle of the level if you die, it doesn't make you start all the way back at the beginning."

As you can tell from my kids reactions, they liked Rayman Origins. And to give my 9 year old credit, she actually got through some of the levels faster than I did... not that it's a race or anything. It was great for me to help them out with trickier sections, and for them to know that they could die without too much penalty, since they just turn into bubbles and could simply float around the screen, or come to me and be literally 'popped' back into the action.

The art style is cartoony in the best possible way, and I was really astonished at what they were able to pull off garphically in the Wii version. Action was fluid and smooth, and each of the different playable characters handle differently, but well.

Should you play this game? Rayman Origins Wii gets three YES votes from us, it's unanimous.

Posted on April 15, 2012 .