Guilty as charged

NPD: 40% of Free-to-play players have bought something (joystiq)

Yep, I did end up buying Snoopy Dollars in Snoopy Fair. I actually used it as a prize for my kids as a reward for extra good behaviour.

Normally I would frown on it, the idea of paying real money for virtual currency feels like such a ripoff. And yet I happily pay $5 for a good iOS game. It's funny how perception can affect your spending habits, I guess.

The report contains a few other interesting tidbits. For one, those who make an in-game payment tend to do so within the first month of playing, and those who try free-to-play titles tend to keep playing them, with 84 percent continuing to play after first trying them. Among those who abandon free-to-play titles, men aged 13 to 34 are most likely, while women in general are more likely to stay.

That's definitely true, I've abandoned We Rule, God Finger, Smurfs...

Posted on April 23, 2012 .