Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate gets voice chat support, downloadable demo

Capcom released a slew of information about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate today. Here's what Capcom employee Yuri (Dubindoh) posted on the capcom-unity blog today:

North America – March 19
Europe – March 22
(also coming as a Digital Download around this timeframe)

February 21
Coming to both 3DS and Wii U

Text Chat (virtual keyboard or USB keyboard)
Voice Chat supported

This is great news, as the Japanese version launched without either keybord or voice chat support. The keyboard is a nicety that helps make communication faster, for sure. I wouldn't want to be fumbling with the Gamepad keyboard while a Barroth was charging me.

Voice chat baked in is also a good thing, given that now I don't have to fire up Skype or some other thing. I'm not sure how I'll use it, probably only with closer hunting buddies, rather than with just random people.

Also, a downloadable demo! What a great idea! :) Hopefully it will get people interested in the game, and they can check it out for free. In the past, Monster Hunter has not demo'ed well, in that the experience is more akin to the arena events, where you have a set armor and weapon setup, and you just go in to experience combat. It doesn't give a full flavour of the daily routine of the game, the gathering and crafting, etc. People who play only the demo might be a bit shocked at how different the full game is. But we will see what they do with it this time.

Also, some sad but not unexpected news about Monster Hunter Tri:

As we usher in the exciting new Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate games, we unfortunately will be transitioning off theMonster Hunter Tri servers for Wii. This won’t happen until April 30, 2013 however, which will be 6 weeks after the launch of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. With the new title, there will be a new place for all of you to gather and hunt online with each other, and we hope you will continue to play together on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

I'm not surprised that they're cutting off the old game in favour of the new, given that it costs them money to keep those servers on, it's just a little bit sad that I won't be able to go online with my Tri character ever again. But hey, we had some good times, right? Now it's time to start from the beginning again, and make some new memories!

Who's with me?!

Posted on January 17, 2013 and filed under News.