Come join me for Extra Life on Saturday!

I've been remiss. I've forgotten to talk about Extra Life here on the blog until now! Whoops! Well, it's time to fix that.

This year will be the first time I'm taking part in Extra Life, a 24 hour game marathon to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. I will be raising money for Sick Kids Foundation here in Toronto.

I'm streaming the entire thing at so please drop by anytime during the event and see what I'm up to. My schedule is as follows:

Nov.2 Schedule [all times ET]

8:00 Rayman Legends

10:00 Zelda Wind Waker HD

12:00 Wonderful 101

14:00 Disney Infinity

16:00 Wii Retrospective

18:00 Pikmin 3

20:00 Fight!

22:00 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Nov.3 Schedule [crazy time]

NFS Most Wanted

Mark of the Ninja

Dark Souls


5:00 Kids choice

8:00 Finish!

It's going to be a little crazy as I get into the wee hours, but hopefully I'll make it for the whole thing. The fun thing about being a Dad is that my kids are now old enough to play with me, and they'll be helping me out through the whole day. They've promised that they'll wake up early on Sunday to relieve me for the last few hours, so that should be interesting!

To donate, go to and help me reach my goal of $500!


Posted on October 31, 2013 and filed under gamerparent tv.