Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to get cross-region online, and Off-TV play

Big news today for Monster Hunter fans! Capcom, acting on community feedback, are working on a patch for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U that will add cross region servers for online multiplayer between North America and European servers, as well as the ability to have off-TV play. These were among community members' top requests, and it's awesome to see Capcom listening and responding.

This patch will be released roughly a month after the game's release in March. These features will be added to the Wii U version only, because the 3DS version, well, it doesn't really do online multiplayer, nor does it do off-TV because it's already off your TV now, isn't it?

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate hits stores on March 19th in North America, and March 22nd in Europe. Day 1 digital eShop availability was also promised in today's news.

From the capcom-unity blog of Yuri:

Not news: we have ears... and listen to community feedback.

News: we're working on a software update to add Cross-Region online and Off-TV play for the Wii U version ofMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate! (thanks to community feedback!)

Cross-Region Servers: Said update will come post-launch (sometime in April) and it will merge both North American and European servers into one big network for all western hunters out there. This is happening solely because you communicated your thoughts very loud and clear - and it made sense ;)

Just to be clear, the online component of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is totally free - but you knew that already, right? Speaking of free, MH3U will have steady post-launch support with free DLC quests going live almost every week for quite some time. (The first DLC quests will be available at launch, and I'm already working on getting the full schedule, btw)

Off-TV play: Adding more to the good news package, the update will also give you the ability to play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate solely on the Wii U GamePad screen, with the Off-TV support. This was one of the first requests I heard when we announced the game, and I'm glad we can finally deliver upon it.

So look out for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as it hits the shelves on March 19 (North America) and March 22 (Europe), with a day-1 digital release on the Nintendo eShop for both territories!

Via capcom-unity

Posted on February 28, 2013 and filed under News.