A 3DS appears (actually, two)

So over the Easter weekend we welcomed not one but two new 3DS's to our house. A Pink and White XL for my oldest daughter, who diligently saved up chore reward points to get it, and a Blue Fire Emblem special edition for me. (That's the Dobutsu No Mori/Animal Crossing case she's sporting on hers. Mine needs no case to hide its awesomeness)

Three new games also appeared, Fire Emblem Awakening (bundled with the FE 3DS), Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, and my daughter chose Art Academy Lessons for herself from the promotion Nintendo is running.

I've been really enjoying Luigi's Mansion, the game is so cute and fun. Fire Emblem Awakening is also good, but I'm having more difficulty getting into it, being my first try at this kind of game. I'll get my head wrapped around it eventually, but I'm taking it slow.

The bulk of my gaming time has been taken up, unsurprisingly, by Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, into which I've managed to put in about 70 hours since it's release. I've been really trying to promote this game to anyone who will listen, particularly over at the gamers with jobs forums.

Finally I used some gift cards to purchase LEGO City Undercover, and pre-ordered Injustice: Gods Among Us. So those should see some play time next week and beyond.

Posted on April 13, 2013 and filed under Article.