Monster Hunter Online village images

The following is Google Translated from the Monster Hunter Online announcement site:

Known as the "land of eternal midsummer village, in the warm mountain, a pleasant climate, abundant, but the traffic is not particularly convenient, isolated. Since the beginning of the rise of the hunting culture, the mainland recognized the greatest legend of the hunter had long-term presence in this relationship, since then has become a general presence in the Holy Land of the hunters. Today, the Association selected training as one of several young hunters.


Rooted in a long old hunting village history, the treasurer is the eighth generation of masters, though not elegant cooking food is absolutely delicious and nutritious, but also how Tatu Han can meet forthright cuisine, before a hearty meal? Hunting how there will be efforts to it!


Above the legend, whose name is more than just a hunter, Workshop dragon mother-in-law is also qualified to be recorded among the great figures in history, the legendary recovered hundreds of ancient weapons design, and personally forged numerous powerful hunting weapon, so far she built the weapons is still a lot of hunters regarded as a lifelong pursuit.

Observation tower

In order to guard against the ravages of the dragon class and easy to scholars to study the construction of more knowledgeable scholars in this settlement not know enough about the ecology or on the mainland of the dragon and other creatures of various historical events, will be able to get an answer to come here to ask for advice .

Training ground

Since the named hunter training, the training ground of course, is indispensable place from the combat a long way off the apprentice hunter is in practice to exercise their basic literacy, to prepare for the future to be able to surf in the hunting grounds to show their talents.

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