New Nintendo Wii U Commercials target families

kotaku says these commercials are awful. I think they're perfectly tuned. What do you think?

Listen, I'm all for advertising to core gamers, but I think all the core gamers have already bought their Wii U's. That amounted to what, ~2 million sales? Now Nintendo is going for the rest of their Wii market. You know, the other 90+ miliion people. The parents, the families. The traditional market for Nintendo.

These ads are perfect and to the point: games for kids, games for parents, games for kids and parents together, this is why you need to upgrade. I feel like that's a key word right there. Parents don't need to be sold on specs, or features. They need to know that there are games, and that it's an upgrade from the Wii that they probably already have. That's it. Parents know what an upgrade is. It helps fight the "Wii U as a peripheral" misconception.

For the target market of these ads, parents, it's perfect.


Posted on April 22, 2013 and filed under News.