So Animal Crossing New Leaf happened

That's ACNL for short, for you hipsters.

"So, what happened to posting on the blog?"


"Have you been playing Monster Hunter much lately?"

"Not really, mostly ACNL."

If there was a game that would get me off Monster Hunter it's Animal Crossing. And New Leaf has got the right mix of game with online and friends list things going on that it's keeping me very interested. Of course my daughter is into it as well, so I try to help her town along as well, that's kind of fun. It's really the first game we've played together as such.

There's an interesting article today about how Pokemon and 3DS might distract families away from the Wii U this holiday over at notenoughshaders by Emily Rogers. I submit that this is already happening with Animal Crossing.

I hope the numbers are huge for Nintendo this month because of Animal Crossing. It would be a good boost for the company. If it takes the 3DS to carry the company for a while until the Wii U gets its house in order, then so be it.


Posted on June 28, 2013 and filed under Article.