Minecraft for Parents - Guest Post

Today I'm joined by Andy Robertson, Wired UK's geekdad and games writer, as well as producer of Family Gamer TV, a YouTube channel devoted to finding great video games to play with family.

Andy's guest post today is focused on Minecraft and its growing popularity amongst younger kids. Enjoy!

Minecraft For Parents

Perhaps one of the reasons that kids like to follow the latest crazes is that parents don’t understand them. The complexity and fast pace of change of most collectable or technology led products makes it hard to keep up whether it’s Skylanders or Disney Infinity or Minecraft.
To help out with the last of those I asked a family who were really into Minecraft to put together a tutorial video that would introduce new comers, but also be of interest to fans. As you can see it turned into quite a nice way to discover what all the fuss was about Minecraft.


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Posted on July 10, 2013 and filed under Article.