The Wonderful 101 official blog

Platinum Games has launched a developers blog ahead of their upcoming game "The Wonderful 101". Today's post reveals info about one of the main characters, Wonder-Red.

Also revealed is that the game will feature user selectable English or Japanese voice acting, so if you would rather experience the game with a more Japanese flavour, you can. Personally I think it's amazing, and I'll definitely be playing with Japanese audio, at least the first time around. More Japanese games should do this, I think.

From the blog:

Extra information:

This is actually the first game Hideki Kamiya has directed that features Japanese voice acting (!) Of course, as usual, the game contains English voice acting as well.
We’ve actually gone and included both the Japanese and English voice track in the game so that players can choose the one they prefer. How’s that for service, eh?

And that’s not all! We also included Japanese subtitles for when you choose English audio! So if you set the game to English audio + Japanese subtitles, you’ll not only see the English text in the speech bubble, but you’ll also get Japanese subtitles displayed vertically at the top right of the screen. Why? Because we love you!

English voices + Japanese subtitles

The Japanese audio captures the nuances of the original scenario, whereas the Japanese subtitles condense the essence of the original text into something that is easy to understand at a glance when looking at the images.
In both cases, Director Kamiya sacrificed hours of sleep to find exactly the right words, scratching his head so hard he might have broken a nail at some point.
In many cases, the Japanese voice cast is quite different from the English, so if you play through the game once in English, you can play through again changing the voices to Japanese and it’ll be a whole new experience! Two for the price of one!


- Japanese version & North American version:
Audio: Japanese, English
Subtitles: Japanese, English
- European version:
Audio: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

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