Literary Link - "A Letter to my would-be Gamer Child"

I came across this lovely article by @SpaceKazz on GameSkinny today, "A Letter to my would-be Gamer Child". She adapted Rudyard Kipling's poem "If" in a most MMO kind of way, check out an excerpt:


If you can keep your head, and /smile and /apologise,
Never daring to blame it on the "lag"
When all about you are losing their cool, and blaming you for “leeroy-ing”,
If you can trust your build when all others doubt your heal/dps combo
But make allowance for their doubting and read up on your class
Then be prepared to test and to get it wrong and then to be honest in your findings,

If you can wait for hours on end for that battle-ground or epic fight
And not tire of the waiting nor indulge in smack-talking your group leader
After rushing home from work to gear up only to log off with no fight 6 hours later,
If you can read the stats, do the math and equip that terrible looking gear set
Because it does the job your group needs you to do
Even though that elf in the sexy-but-useless-bikini-armor looks way prettier

Read the full poem here

Posted on August 13, 2013 and filed under Article.