13 ways Dark Souls is not like Monster Hunter

So I recently got back into Dark Souls, after having merely dipped my toes in the water previously, gotten repeatedly murdered by undead, and promptly stopped.

If you've gone through the experience of Dark Souls, you'll often hear it compared to Monster Hunter in terms of its difficult learning curve, focus on combat, and general frustration level. Or, if you play Monster Hunter only, someone might have said to you, "You should try Dark Souls, you'll probably like it." 

I thought I'd write up a little guide to Monster Hunter players thinking about Dark Souls, and how the games compare. So without further ado:

Dark Souls is just like Monster Hunter except:


  1. minions are a mix of humaniods and monsters, not monsters exclusively
  2. humanoid minions can use potions to heal themselves
  3. bosses (and lesser mini bosses) do not respawn, you can only hunt them once
  4. maps are not split into zones but are continuous
  5. there is magic
  6. bosses do not limp away to rest
  7. there are no cat companions, sidekicks or otherwise
  8. there is multiplayer but it can be PvP
  9. you don't get to cook meat
  10. there are character stats
  11. there's actual lock on
  12. even small enemies do significant damage
  13. there are gestures but no text chat


 In all seriousness, the two games are very different. About the only thing they have in common is an intricate weapon moveset that varies from weapon type, enemy movements that can be predicted through careful observation, and the ability for the game to punish you if you play recklessly.

If those things excite you, well, you should probably give Dark Souls a try, at least once. And stick with it, just like Monster Hunter. It might grow on you.


Posted on August 4, 2014 and filed under Article.