Target Closes? Rosalina... Noooo!

Target announced today that it will be ceasing all operations in Canada and shutting down all of its stores. The retailer was struggling in Canada, and losing money to the tune of over $2 million a day. Even in the best scenario, they couldn't forecast profitability until 2021.

Unfortunately for Nintendo fans, it means that the fate of the retailer exclusive amiibo, Rosalina & Luna, is up in the air. Will Target stores shut down before the release? Who will pick up the figure if Target is no longer in business?

What does this mean for the Rosalina amiibo? It’s likely the store will halt, or at the very least, be light on shipments. If you’re Canadian and were hoping to rush into Target to get your hands on one, you really should think about importing it from an international Amazon venue or a Japanese import site.
— Chris Carter, desctructoid

The frustration is compounded by the fact that Target would not accept any pre-orders on amiibos at all. In hindsight it's probably just as well, given the headache of getting refunds from an out of business company.

Personally I will have to go the import route, as I do really want one of these. Maybe that angry person who hate pre-ordered 100 of them will relent and sell me one? :)

via destructoid, ctv news

Posted on January 15, 2015 and filed under News.