Nintendo releases Q3 financial statement, 3DS lagging, Wii U performing well

Nintendo keeps blasting away on the Wii U with over 9 million units sold to date

Nintendo keeps blasting away on the Wii U with over 9 million units sold to date

Nintendo released their financial summary for the period from April 1 2014 to December 31 2014., as well as comparisons to the same period in 2013.

Some of the major points:

  • Net sales are down by 11.3% compared to the previous year, but overall income is up significantly
  • since making their sales forecast in May 2014, they have now adjusted their net sales expectation down 3.8% to 550 billion yen
  • sales of 3DS family in Japan continued to sell well with the introduction of the NEW 3DS
  • in territories where the New 3DS has not launched, 3DS sales "did not grow sufficiently"
  • global sales of 3DS family hardware was 7.08 million units Pokémon Omega Ruby/Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS did very well with 9.35 million units and 6.19 million units sold respectively
  • 47% of 3DS sales were of the 3DS XL model, 21% of the 2DS, 8.2% of the New 3DS, and 17.8% of the New 3DS XL
  • global sales of Wii U hardware reached 3.03 million units over 3 quarters
  • Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U sold 4.77 million units and 3.39 million units globally
  • the Wii U has sold 9.2 million units to date, with Nintendo projecting sales of 3.6 million units for this fiscal year ending March 2015
  • Nintendo showed a gross profit of 172,944 million yen, and an operating income of 31,604 million yen, up from previous year's negative operating income of 1,578 million yen
  • sales distribution across territories were as follows: Japan (27%), The Americas (41.4%), Europe (28.2%), Other (3.4%)

You can read the Consolidated Financial Highlights here.

UPDATE: Wii U sales projection corrected to include the whole year, instead of the remaining quarter

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