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Ryan Thompson takes a look at a preview build of the upcoming Two Tribes Game RIVE.

Obligatory asteroid blasting section!

Obligatory asteroid blasting section!

Combining twin-stick, shoot-em up, and platforming gameplay mechanics, Two Tribes Publishing’s RIVE presents a seamless integration of the two genres in their action-packed title, coming soon to PC, Xbox One and WiiU.

You are the pilot of a transforming spaceship, spider-robot, submarine thing. During my time with the preview build, I was impressed with how seamlessly the player craft and physics changed with the environment. One moment you’re blasting blue robot balls with lasers rapid firing across vast distances, the next – you’re in water and can’t get a shot past two meters.

Dialogue is not complete, but it’s obvious from the lines that are included that RIVE is going to have a healthy dose of humor. Two Tribes may be taking game mechanics seriously, but the dialogue presented here is light, laughter-inducing and not hesitant to break the fourth wall.

I was impressed with how each of the actions felt when while controlling the game. Boost jumps in spiderbot-mode feel appropriately heavy. This craft has a significant mass, though it is relatively small on-screen. I felt like I was jumping in a mobile lead-weight. If you’ve played a recent Donkey Kong Country game, you know what I mean. Your vehicle is not a lightweight character, but thanks to well-planned platforming sections, you’ll quickly be able to predict how high and far you can jump.

Water sections can break a game for me. Submersing the craft in RIVE did not result in throwing a controller on the ground and storming off in frustration. Piloting the vehicle through water was smooth as butter. Rayman Legends featured some of my favorite water levels ever, and the brief water sections in RIVE felt comparable to those. Moving the control sticks will move your ship in a way you would expect, there’s no unnecessary weight forcing the player to the bottom of the sea *cough Mario cough*.

Assuming Two Tribes builds on the excellence they’ve presented in the RIVE preview, this will definitely be a game worth your notice and time. As this is the preview version, I am not going to formally score the accessibility to parent gamers, but I’ve highlighted some key points below.

  • Quick restarts at failed sections
  • Content is appropriate for all-ages
  • Full-game includes a save progress feature
Posted on May 26, 2015 and filed under Reviews.