Extra Life 2018

Team GP is back, baby! We’re playing games and healing kids with a 24 hour marathon for Extra Life 2018! Please catch our streams on game day Nov 3 starting at 8AM ET

Eugene: twitch.tv/gamerparent
Ryan: twitch.tv/zoso1701
Mikey: twitch.tv/e1mikey
Kai: twitch.tv/scapania

Yeah! Looking forward to a fantastic weekend!


Extra Life 2018 Broadcast Schedule

Saturday Nov 3th at 8:00AM ET

It's My Party and I'll Co-Op if I want to

8:00AM - Warm Up with WiiU
10:00AM - Super Mario Party Switch

You Turned the Tables On Me

1:00PM - Tabletop Time
2:00PM - Compounded
3:30PM - Pandemic

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

5:00PM - Super Smash Bros WiiU
7:30PM - Puyo Puyo Tetris Challenge
9:00PM - Mario Kart Tournament

In the Still of the Night

11:00PM - Octodad, Papers Please, Animation Throwdown, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Dirt3

Retro Sunday Hour

7:00AM SNES Classic games
8:00AM Finish!

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Posted on October 29, 2018 .