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Disney Infinity Toybox iPad app available now, free until October 5

Disney Inifinity has released their iPad app, and are making it free until October 5th. The Toy Box App lets you create toybox levels on your iPad, and save and upload them to your console. It also allows you to import the characters that you've purchased by entering the code that was included with your figurine.

Once you sign in to your Disney Infinity account, everything you've unlocked in the console game syncs automatically to the iPad version. World creation on the iPad seems like a much more intuitive hands-on experience over doing it with the controller on the console.

via polygon

Posted on September 18, 2013 and filed under News.

Nintendo needs its Miiverse app now

When the Wii U launched, I would never have guessed that its most compelling and 'sticky' feature would be the Miiverse. Nintendo launch a social network? Crazy.

And yet I find myself turning in the Wii U Ganepad just to check it. Did I get any friend requests? Are there any comments on my posts? Cool new drawings? It's strangely addicting, and unlike others have reported, I have yet to see anything rude. I haven't run afoul of the moderators with anything I've posted so far.

Nintendo has announced plans to bring the Miiverse to mobile devices and computers, but hasn't given any indication when those will come out. With a Nintendo Direct scheduled for tomorrow, now is the perfect opportunity for Nintendo to announce their Miiverse app.

Nintendo could really capitalize on the popularity of the Miiverse with a mobile app. Imagine being able to make posts, 'Yeah' them, or even leave drawings while you're using your smartphone.

I'm sure Nintendo has other plans for tomorrow, but I would be very pleased to see something for Miiverse mentioned.

Posted on December 4, 2012 .