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Nintendo is aiming the Wii U GamePad directly at parents and children

If you've been wondering what exactly the point of the GamePad is, this little quote from the Financial Results Briefing gives some insight on how Nintendo views its Wii U GamePad:

Gameplay that utilizes the GamePad possesses a large amount of potential, and it can further expand the way parents and children have fun together.
— Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President

Mr. Iwata also commented that of the games that are scheduled for release in 2015, many "fully utilize" the Wii U GamePad.

This idea of parents and children playing together on the Game Pad is a new tack for Nintendo. Previously the Game Pad was not positioned as a family device, but by turns as a TV remote, a remote play device (at which it works extremely well, by the way), as a second screen for game UI, or as a motion controlled scanning device.

All of these use are completely valid, and I'm not taking away from the functionality of the Game Pad, I think it's great. It's just that using it in a way that involves "parents and children having fun together" needs to be more fully explored, and I don't think Nintendo has really done that yet.

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Ubisoft's Child of Light designed for parents and children to play together

Child of Light is a new game from Ubisoft that features a princess off to save the world. A supporting character in the form of a spark of light allows young children to be a part of the game as well. Creative director Patrick Plourde, who is himself a father, was nudged by his marketing director to make a game that he could play with his children.

In an interview with Plourde:

Plourde told Polygon that his goal is to make the game a shared experience in the same way that watching sports can be a shared experience.

"Watching sports with a child, when the team scores a goal then daddy's happy and the kid is happy, then we're giving each other high-fives," he said. "You should have those moments with games. It's good to share moments and it can be with a child or it can be with anybody."

The game is JRPG inspired, and from the trailer you can see the combat is turn-based. Plourde took great pains to make the menu system easy to navigate, even for children at the pre-reading level. I'm also glad to see that it's coming to the Wii U, which seems like the perfect platform for this game.

via Polygon

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Miiverse users under 12 blocked from Friend Requests

Nintendo has made clear their policy regarding its younger users and the Miiverse, in a recent update to the Miiverse code of conduct rules: "For the protection of younger users, direct friend requests are not possible in Miiverse for users aged 12 and under. At the same time, younger users can make friends on Wii U outside Miiverse by entering each other's Network IDs in the friend list on the HOME Menu."

So it's basically back to the way we used to do it on the Wii, you'll need to both directly add the Nintendo Network ID of the other person you wish to friend into your friends list, rather than making a friend request from Miiverse itself.

Nintendo also provided some guidelines for kids to follow when adding friends, recommending that they only add people that they know in real life, like friends from school or the neighbourhood. They also cautioned children not to attempt to share their Nintendo Network ID's over Miiverse.

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