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Stretchmo on the 3DS is Free-To-Start

Starting today – more specifically, right now! – Stretchmo, a customizable new 3D puzzle game in the Pushmo series, is available to download exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. For the first time in the well-received series, the first seven starter puzzles of the Stretchmo game are free. After trying the fun levels out for no charge, players can then choose to purchase passes for the game’s main attractions individually or as one of multiple bundles. The attractions and respective prices are as follows:

  • Mallo’s Playtime Plaza ($4.99): 100 progressively challenging levels that introduce the basics of the game.
  • Poppy’s Sculpture Square ($2.99): 50 puzzle levels shaped like animals and objects.
  • Corin’s Fortress of Fun ($2.99): 50 levels featuring new gizmo obstacles and enemies.
  • Papa Blox’s NES Expo ($2.99): A treat for retro fans that features 50 levels based on classic NES characters.

The following attraction pack bundles are also available:

  • Bundle featuring all four attractions ($9.99).
  • Bundle containing “Poppy’s Sculpture Square,” “Corin’s Fortress of Fun” and “Papa Blox’s NES Expo” after “Mallo’s Playtime Plaza” has already been purchased ($6.99).
  • Bundle of the remaining three attractions after purchasing either “Poppy’s Sculpture Square,” “Corin’s Fortress of Fun” or “Papa Blox’s NES Expo” ($8.99).

In addition to pushing and pulling colorful blocks, the active verb in Stretchmo is right there in the game’s name: stretching. Players make their way through multiple puzzling levels by moving around blocks to reach the goal – even stretching certain blocks to extend them from every side. Players can even stretch the limits of their own imaginations and create levels in Stretchmo Studio, save them and share via a QR Code with friends and family members who also own the game! Stretchmo Studio is unlocked by purchasing any attraction pass. Additionally, different features are unlocked as players complete more levels throughout the attractions.

Stretchmo is now available exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. For more information about the game, visit  

via Nintendo Press Center

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Nintendo Download highlights for the week - amiibo tap, Paper Mario VC, and Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Ed. Demo

Featured in the Nintendo eShop this week:

  • Nintendo eShop on Wii U
    • amiibo tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits – Discover definitive moments from classic Nintendo games. Download the free amiibo tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits application in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and tap any amiibo figure to the Wii U GamePad controller to unlock scenes from select NES and Super NES Wii U Virtual Console games. At least one amiibo figure (sold separately) is required to use this software.
  • Virtual Console on Wii U
    • Paper Mario – After Bowser steals the Star Rod and kidnaps Princess Peach, Mario plots to rescue the seven Star Spirits and free the Mushroom Kingdom from the Koopa’s rule. The turn-based battle system of this classic Nintendo 64 RPG will make fighting Bowser’s baddies equal parts strategy and timing.
  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS
    • Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition Demo – Download the free demo version of Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Editionbefore the full game launches in stores and in the Nintendo eShop. Intuitive drag-and-match puzzle game play and classic Mushroom Kingdom characters combine to create one of the most unique puzzle/RPG games ever. The full version of the Puzzle & Dragons Z +Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition game, which gives you two complete games in one package, launches May 22.

Nintendo eShop Sales:

Theme Shop on Nintendo 3DS:

  • New themes this week include:
    • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Hunter's Weapon Gallery (Available May 1-July 1) 

Also new this week:

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ICYMI: Nintendo eShop New Releases and Specials this week

via Nintendo PressRoom

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS

  • 3D After Burner II – 3D After Burner II is a remastered version of the arcade classic. Pilot your F-14D fighter through enemy territory while blasting away squadrons of enemy fighters. Click here to watch a trailer for the game.

Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS

  • Lufia: The Legend Returns – Join a cast of 12 playable characters in this classic Game Boy Color turn-based adventure filled with love, hope, terror and revenge. Complete quests to open up new paths, level up by battling monstrous enemies and gain new abilities by finding Ancient Texts hidden within dungeons and caves.

Virtual Console on Wii U

  • Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight – In this NES classic, Ken has retired from his glory days in the Street Fighter world, but he must return to his roots when he finds his friend missing. Jump, climb and fight past monstrous enemies as Ken teleports across the galaxy to set things right.

Nintendo eShop Sales

  • Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS 
    • The Throwback Sale is on! Generations of fun come together as we pair classic games from past Nintendo systems with their newer siblings on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Going on now until Feb. 5 at 8:59 a.m. PT, we’ll offer weekly discounts on select game pairings like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World. Buy one or buy both games in each pairing – either way, you’ll get great savings during the sale. Check out for more details.
  • Nintendo eShop on Wii U 
    • Loads of indie hits are now on sale during the Super Indie Connection Sale #2. Now through 8:59 a.m. PT on Jan. 29, fans who own any of the participating games already – or purchase one at full price during the promotion – qualify to receive 60 percent off any of the other participating games. Check out more details.

Price Reductions

Also New this Week

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Kickstarter project CANDLE confirmed for Wii U

Great news, the indie game in development by Teku Studios in Spain is confirmed to be coming to the Wii U eShop. Teku posted an update to their kickstarter today letting us know the good news! They love Nintendo, and reached out to them with their game, and Nintendo responded by granting them Wii U Developer status and a development kit.

You can check out the campaign here, or by going to the sidebar section to the left.

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Animal Crossing Monster Hunter Vacation

So I'm here on vacation up by the lake, and of the many times I've been here, this is the first time we've had 3DS's to bring with us. Needless to say, Animal Crossing New Leaf and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate made the trip with me as well.

Here's some quick hits I found interesting this week:

- Pikmin 3 video Review for Families at Family Gamer TV

- "Animal Crossing is Nintendo's clandestine answer to Facebook" on Kill Screen

- "Attack of the Friday Monsters, I'm in love" a review of the Guild 5 3DS game on joystiq

- Nintendo offers up to $10 coupon when you fill up your Wii U eShop balance with $100

- Initial "The Wonderful 101" official website launches, full site coming soon

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Deals on the Wii U eShop

Waiting around for TVii to be released? Check out the Wii U eShop for some new deals.

On sale are:
Trine 2 for $15.99 until Jan 7
Little Inferno for $9.99 until Jan 4
Chasing Aurora for $7.49 until Jan 3

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The Deluxe Digital Promotion for Wii U Deluxe Set owners is live

If you purchased the black Deluxe Set of the Wii U, one of the promised perks was 10% back on all your eShop purchases. In order to take advantage, you need to go here to Nintendo's sign up page and login with your Nintendo ID. You'll then automatically be registered in the program, and all purchases you've already made will be credited to your account.

The promotion runs until December 2014, so you'll get 10% back on purchases for the next two years. Points can be redeemed in $5 increments, 500 points = $5 eShop credit. Points must be redeemed by March 2015.

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Installing eShop games on the Wii U can take a long time

Case in point: Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. It's a 5.8GB download, which in itself took over an hour. Then when I launched the app for the first time it showed me 1:05 remaining time for the install. That's an hour and five minutes. It's long enough that last night I decided to go to bed rather than play the game.

If there's something that needs optimizing, it's this. Sure you need to unpack the compressed files and install stuff. I get it, there's things to do. But it shouldn't take that long to install something, particularly to the internal memory.

It's a good thing that when you're installing it overrides the Auto Power Down feature. It's as if Nintendo anticipated that installs might take a long time, and the console's power settings might interfere with installs...


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Testing a portable USB 3.0 drive with the Wii U

So I kind of jumped the gun on getting a hard drive for the Wii U. I purchased a drive before Nintendo released their complete information about which drives are supported, and mine kind of falls outside their supported list.

Nintendo prefers that external drives be USB 2.0, and that they be externally powered via AC adapter. Provisionally, bus powered drives that use a two USB port Y-cable will also work.

USB 3.0 Micro B portIn my case, I have a portable 2.5" drive that is USB 3.0 and uses a single cable. It's a 1TB Seagate Portable Expansion drive. Fine, I thought, I'll just buy a separate Y-cable to power it. Unfortunately, the port on the drive is not a standard Micro USB, but uses the USB 3.0 Micro B connector. Scratch the Y-cable. (Update: I have since discovered that there do exist Y-cables with the USB 3.0 Micro B connector, and I will be going out and getting one ASAP. Meanwhile, the rest of my test was performed with just the regular single cable.)

Alright, well, I'll just try it to see if it works, right?

Plugging in a drive while the Wii U is on brings up a warning to power down the console before pluggingin USB hard drives. Regardless, it still brings up the "Do you want to format?" window. Just to be safe, I power down and restart the Wii U.

Formatting the drive takes 3 seconds. And voila, it's ready for use. I try transferring a game from internal memory to the hard drive. In my case, it's Nano Assault Neo, the only download game I have. It's only 50MB, and it transfers over pretty quickly. After the transfer it appears on my main screen the same as always, and launches and plays without problems. I do notice that the load time is a little bit slower than before, but gameplay is smooth and there are no problems.

Emboldened by my experience, I decide to download another eShop game. You know, for 'testing purposes'. Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed is what I end up with. There's no other racers on Wii U yet, and it's $40. When I purchase, it doesn't ask me where I want to download it to, but when I check the Download Manager, it appears that it's downloading the 5GB file to my USB device.

That's interesting that it doesn't let me choose, because I have ample space on my internal memory. I would have thought it would start with internal first, and then switch to external storage when capacity was limited. For whatever reason, it doesn't. I can always move it later, I guess.

The download is going to take about an hour, it says, so I wait. So far, so good, things seem to work, at least with a small game like Nano Assault Neo. I'll come back and let you know how the larger game fares.

As always, your mileage may vary. Please note that Nintendo does not officially support external bus powered drives without a Y-cable.

UPDATE: The drive is not happy in its current configuration. The Sonic download stalled at about halfway, so I cancelled it. Just to check, I tried to transfer back Nano Assault Neo to the system memory. It can't do it, it gives me a "Cannot transfer" message. I can hear the drive spinning up and spinning down, repeatedly. So it looks like you really do need to heed Nintendo's advisory on hard drives! On the plus side, I am able to easily re-download purchases to my Wii U internal memory, so all is not lost. Well, except for my save data for Nano Assault Neo. Not a big deal, at this point.

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24 hours with the Wii U

So I've had a day with the Wii U now, and here's a recap of how the first 24 hours went.

10:00 AM: Package arrives! I only have time to open the shipping box and look at the Wii U.

11:00 AM: Regular mail delivers New Super Mario Bros U. Good timing!

2:45PM: Unboxing ceremony performed.

4:00 PM: Plug in Wii U and charge Gamepad. Try to set up the Wii U without hooking it up to the TV. You can't do that. Decide to go to club nintendo and register my games for coins. New Super Mario Bros U is entered. Nintendo Land doesn't have a PIN code in it, at least not the pack in version. I try to enter my Wii U serial number. It tells me that I have to link my Nintendo ID to club nintendo through the Wii U itself. Will do that later.

4:30 PM: Vacuum the dust around my TV

4:45 PM: Get the Wii U hooked up, turned on. Initial set up goes great. I get the TV remote part working. I set up the wifi password. Start downloading the update. Play with my younger daughter while its downloading.

6:00 PM: After about an hour, it's done downloading and updating, but it's time for dinner. Agonizing.

7:00 PM: I'm back! Did you miss me, Wii U? Of course not. I set up my Nintendo ID (gamerparent, of course) and make a new Mii. The create a Mii from photo works pretty well, I accept. I let both girls create their own Mii's before bedtime.

7:45 PM: I can't figure out how to perform "initial setup of friends list". I cannot find the friends list, how can I set it up? I google it. Friends list appears when you click the "Home" button. Aha! Now that's set up, and I can add people through Miiverse. Cool! The limit is 100 friends, but you can follow 1000.

8:30 PM: The kids are tucked in to bed. I decide to test out the range of the Gamepad. Wii U is in the basement, I go upstairs to the living room, directly above the console. It works, mostly! Location is critical, the closer I am the better it works, but it does lose connection from time to time. I download my first eShop game, Nano Assault Neo. I play it a little, just from the Gamepad, upstairs from the Wii U. Not bad! Some glitches, though, so I'll probably have to find the best spot to sit up here. 

I link my club nintendo account to my Nintendo ID. I set up my Netflix account, I add and follow a few more people on Miiverse. I notice all the dust and lint that has already been attracted to the Gamepad. Sigh.

10:30 PM: Time to turn in.

8:30 AM: I turn it on, just to check my Miiverse. Three friend requests! Awesome. I poke around WaraWara Plaza a bit, checking out what people are saying. Noticing that most people prefer drawing and handwritten notes over typed ones. Some amazing artists out there!

Checking back on club nintendo, I do the Wii U survey for 160 coins. I also get a notice saying that in a week I can do the Nintendo Land survey for 50 coins. Happy.


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New Wii U facts

Official Nintendo Magazine has some new Wii U facts for today:

1. Moving software to USB storage device (and back: looks like you have to move games stored on external devices to internal memory in order to play them, you can't play them off the external storage device)

2. You can transfer your Mii's from Wii and 3DS to Wii U

3. Miiverse is global

4. Download Wii U eShop games while you play

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Is it possible that eShop games for the Wii U will cost less than physical discs?

Evidence points to yes, at least in Japan. Namco Bandai has confirmed that in Japan, the physical media version of the upcoming title Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition will cost 6,980 yen, while the download will be priced at 6,280 yen, according to Siliconera.

That savings will come at a cost in storage though, as the download file is reportedly 16.7 GB in size. Better get that external hard drive ready!

No word on North American pricing yet.

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