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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on Wii U "the best version" - destructoid

Chris Carter reviews Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the Wii U, and crowns it the champion:

As long as you're prepared to deal with the decidedly smaller community, the Wii U Edition of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the best version of the game.

Makes me want to get it! Such a big download, though... :)

My biggest question that I haven't been able to find out yet, is whether there are any fight sticks coming out for the Wii U, and whether my old Tatsunoko vs. Capcom fightstick will work or not.

Read the full review here

Posted on November 26, 2012 and filed under News.

Injustice: Gods Among Us team experimenting with Wii U

Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon talks about Injustice: Gods Among Us to nintendolife:

While no specifics were given on the Wii U version, Boon did say that the team were experimenting with the controls and hoped to take advantage of them where they could, and reiterated that we'll hear about more specifics for the Nintendo edition in the future.

This is my most anticipated game for 2013. Looking forward to hearing more details soon.

Posted on October 29, 2012 and filed under News.