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Nintendo Earnings Report - What to look for

Takashi Mochizuki at the WSJ blog Digits:

–CEO TATSUMI KIMISHIMA: This will be the first earnings report issued by Nintendo under the leadership of new CEO Tatsumi Kimishima. He has attended these briefings as Mr. Iwata’s lieutenant, but was mostly silent. Analysts will look for him to explain his views on key strategies and will likely compare his performance to that of his predecessor.

–MORE TIE-UP DEALS: Nintendo is opening up, striking many surprising partnership deals recently, including with smartphone game provider DeNA Co.2432.TO +0.87%,Comcast Corp.CMCSA +0.45% theme-park subsidiary Universal Parks & Resorts as well as Google-spinout Niantic Inc. Former Nintendo Chief Executive Satoru Iwata, who died of cancer in July, had said the firm aimed to expand the use of Nintendo characters to help popularize Nintendo games.

EARNINGS FORECAST: According to a poll of five analysts by financial data provider Nikkei Quick, Nintendo is expected to post a net profit of 16.1 billion yen ($133 million) for the half-year period, up from a 14.3 billion yen profit in the year-earlier period. For the July-September quarter, the analysts expect a 6.9 billion yen net profit, down from 24.2 billion yen.

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Sales numbers and future amiibo plans emerge from Nintendo Investor's Meeting

Amiibo sales breakdown by territory in the first 6 weeks:

Other notes:

  • amiibo that have quickly become scarce and those that are required for play in games will be considered for more production if there is demand from consumers and retailers
  • Wii U app to be released in first half of 2015 that allows players to experience small sections of gameplay from NES and SNES games featuring amiibo as a 'key' to unlock those classic games in which they appear.
  • amiibo sales rankings in Japan: 1. Link 2. Kirby 3. Mario 4. Marth 5. Pikachu 6. Yoshi 7. Samus 8. Captain Falcon 9. Pit 10. Little Mac

  • In north america the rankings are: 1. Link 2. Mario 3. Pikachu 4. Kirby 5. Samus 6. Yoshi 7. Zelda 8. Donkey Kong 9. Peach 10. Luigi

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Nintendo releases Q3 financial statement, 3DS lagging, Wii U performing well

Nintendo keeps blasting away on the Wii U with over 9 million units sold to date

Nintendo keeps blasting away on the Wii U with over 9 million units sold to date

Nintendo released their financial summary for the period from April 1 2014 to December 31 2014., as well as comparisons to the same period in 2013.

Some of the major points:

  • Net sales are down by 11.3% compared to the previous year, but overall income is up significantly
  • since making their sales forecast in May 2014, they have now adjusted their net sales expectation down 3.8% to 550 billion yen
  • sales of 3DS family in Japan continued to sell well with the introduction of the NEW 3DS
  • in territories where the New 3DS has not launched, 3DS sales "did not grow sufficiently"
  • global sales of 3DS family hardware was 7.08 million units Pokémon Omega Ruby/Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS did very well with 9.35 million units and 6.19 million units sold respectively
  • 47% of 3DS sales were of the 3DS XL model, 21% of the 2DS, 8.2% of the New 3DS, and 17.8% of the New 3DS XL
  • global sales of Wii U hardware reached 3.03 million units over 3 quarters
  • Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U sold 4.77 million units and 3.39 million units globally
  • the Wii U has sold 9.2 million units to date, with Nintendo projecting sales of 3.6 million units for this fiscal year ending March 2015
  • Nintendo showed a gross profit of 172,944 million yen, and an operating income of 31,604 million yen, up from previous year's negative operating income of 1,578 million yen
  • sales distribution across territories were as follows: Japan (27%), The Americas (41.4%), Europe (28.2%), Other (3.4%)

You can read the Consolidated Financial Highlights here.

UPDATE: Wii U sales projection corrected to include the whole year, instead of the remaining quarter

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Sales! Numbers! Facts!

Nintendo Hardware Sales (as of end of year 2013)

WiiU - 5.86 million units

3DS - 42.74 million units

Wii - 100.9 million units

DS - 153.98 million units

Comparison of Wii U to PS4 and Xbox One Hardware Sales (as of end of year 2013)

Nintendo WiiU - 5.86 million units

Sony PS4 - 4.2 million units

Xbox One - 3.0 million units

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