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Wii U sales forecast shows initial burst followed by drop off

IHS issued a sales forecast for the forthcoming Wii U:

“Pent-up demand from Nintendo evangelists, many of which were introduced to the console market through the success of the Wii, is predicted to drive this explosive start,” according to the report.

IHS says Wii U’s will fly off the shelves so quickly that there will be supply shortages over the holiday shopping season, and many consumers will have to wait until after the new year until they can find the console in stores.

Nintendo investors shouldn’t get too excited, though: IHS forecasts that after the stellar start, Wii U sales will slow, and the new console will only reach around 70% of the Wii’s sales volume in the first four years after release. The Wii moved 75.9 million units during that period, while IHS forecasts Wii U sales around 53.2 million units.

How do they know these things! Amazing! Do they know who wins the Superbowl too?

Source: Forbes

Posted on November 13, 2012 and filed under News.