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Wii U hard drive test part 2

After hooking up my 1TB portable USB 3.0 drive up to the Wii U using the recommended Y-cable, I tried transferring Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed from the internal memory of the Wii U to the external drive. The whole process took just under 8 minutes to move 5.8GB of data.

Last time I tried moving files over without the Y-cable and I ran into errors, so it's definitely mandatory that one use a Y-cable for stable operation. Thankfully the cables are pretty cheap, so it's not a big deal.

I'm now looking forward to being able to download big games without worrying about storage, although with the 32GB internal memory of the deluxe it hasn't been an issue for me yet.

Posted on December 3, 2012 and filed under Article.

6 days out from Wii U... hard drives

One of the earliest things I did when I got my Wii was to go and put an SD card in it to expand the memory. At the time, it was a pretty big card, with 2GB on it.

Times have changed, of course, and not only does the Wii U have an SD card slot, it also comes with internal memory (32GB in my case) and the ability to add an external USB hard drive.

I recently picked up this 1TB external hard drive for use with the Wii U. It's a small form factor portable drive, the Seagate Expansion drive, for about $90 CDN before tax. My main criteria was that it be bus powered, because I don't want to either have to remember to switch it on and off, or to have to reach in behind the Wii U to do so. Call me lazy, but I just want to turn it on from the couch with the Gamepad.

As an added bonus, it's black to match. My only concern now is that it is only a 5400 rpm drive, but hopefully it's adequate for games. Given that the Wii U is only using a USB 2.0 connection, it should be fine. We'll have to see.

Nintendo's decision not to incorporate an internal drive is making me do some legwork to figure out what a good drive would be, and I don't mind. After all, it gives me something to tell you about!

Posted on November 11, 2012 and filed under Countdown.