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Dark Souls II to Wii U petition

Did you catch the VGA's last week? Did you see the part where a slightly awkward Jessica Alba came out and introduced the trailer for Dark Souls II? The trailer was awesome, if not the setup.

Dark Souls (the first) was a critical hit, with its uncompromising difficulty and unique note-leaving system. Dark Souls II aims to be a little more accessible to new players, with producer Tomohiro Shibuya promising a "more straightforward and more understandable" game.

Whether or not that means a 'dumbed down' version of Dark Souls remains to be seen. The possibility of a Wii U version of the game, however, is not officially in the cards. Naturally, some fans want to change that.

A petition at started by Christopher Marcil asks Namco Bandai and From Software to reconsider putitng Dark Souls II on the Wii U. As of this writing the number of signatures on the petition is just under 4,000.

I've put my name on the list, if only to support more hardcore games coming to the Wii U, and to show interest in the game should it come out for Wii U. Of course, developers are under no obligation to listen to petitions, but at least it gives them an idea that there's a market for it. Other developers are likely to pay attention if the fan base is vocal enough, to judge whether they should bring their more hard core games to the Wii U.

In the end, one thing's for sure. Prepare to die. A lot.

UPDATE: The petition is now at over 10,000 signatures! (2012/12/12 8:19PM EST)

Source: joystiq, nintendolife

Posted on December 11, 2012 and filed under News.