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Miiverse users under 12 blocked from Friend Requests

Nintendo has made clear their policy regarding its younger users and the Miiverse, in a recent update to the Miiverse code of conduct rules: "For the protection of younger users, direct friend requests are not possible in Miiverse for users aged 12 and under. At the same time, younger users can make friends on Wii U outside Miiverse by entering each other's Network IDs in the friend list on the HOME Menu."

So it's basically back to the way we used to do it on the Wii, you'll need to both directly add the Nintendo Network ID of the other person you wish to friend into your friends list, rather than making a friend request from Miiverse itself.

Nintendo also provided some guidelines for kids to follow when adding friends, recommending that they only add people that they know in real life, like friends from school or the neighbourhood. They also cautioned children not to attempt to share their Nintendo Network ID's over Miiverse.

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Wii U owner thoughts - after 19 days

The Wii U has launched in North America and Europe, with the Japanese launch around the corner. After having the system for about 2.5 weeks, I have some thoughts. Here they are, in no particular order.


To me, the Wii U marks a change in Nintendo's approach to its console. With the Wii U, we've seen a Day One update, we've seen game patches, we've seen YouTube/Netflix/Amazon Video/Hulu app rollouts, we've seen a system update at the two-week mark. There have been more updates in the past 19 days than there probably have been in the 6-year lifecycle of the Wii. Make no mistake, the Wii U is an online console, and Nintendo sees it that way. In a way, it's refreshing to see Nintendo release system patches in a timely manner, as opposed to the glacial pace with which they updated the Wii.

The Miiverse, well, that to me is brilliant. Let cordial conversation and drawings prevail, I say. Off to a good start.

The eShop has a few faults, namely I feel it could be organized better, and there could be more demos available? That would be nice. However, the fact that pretty much all first party games and most third party games are available to download is great. It's already much much better than the Wii Shop ever was. Indie games are already making a big impact on the eShop, and I predict that many indie developers will find a home on the Wii U. The ability to see your downloads and redownload games you have purchased is super. I did this with both eShop games I purchased, just to test it out, and it worked fine.

Storage and Memory

I know a lot of people complained that the Wii U didn't come with enough internal memory, and that you are forced to buy an external hard drive if you want to do a lot of eShop downloading. Many eShop games that have large file sizes will actually have a warning for Basic Set owners that they need to have an external drive in order to download this game.

I'm ok with that, to a degree. If you're going to be downloading a lot of games for your console you probably want a big drive anyway, and they're so cheap now. Nintendo also neatly sidesteps the issue of price gouging for memory (have you seen the price of Vita memory cards?) and leaves it up to the consumer to find a good deal. I don't have a problem with that. Could Nintendo have given us more memory to start, maybe 32GB be basic and put 64GB in the deluxe? Perhaps. It would have been nice. But even 64GB is overshadowed by the 1TB drive I have attached. In the end I don't think it matters.


Shiny black collects fingerprints. Be warned.

Playing your games with the TV off, or while watching TV, is a near life changing feature. Seriously.

I find myself reaching for the stylus when using the Gamepad. I'm not sure if it's because I don't want to get fingerprints on it, or if it's just more natural for me to use it like a DS. Obviously drawing messages for Miiverse is better with the stylus, but typing is faster with fingers.

Nintendo should make a Draw Something game. There Nintendo, free ideas, right here.


Menus are a bit slow. Depends what you're used to. Compared to a Wii they're a little bit faster. Whatever. I use the time to center myself and reflect on what game I'm going to play next, or how awesome that game I just played was.

I understand people are experiencing freezes and locking up of their systems. So far I haven't seen it. Also people are bricking their systems during updates. That's a big problem that I really feel bad for people, and that Nintendo needs to solve so that it doesn't happen. I don't think they planned for that contingency, but clearly they should have. Any number of things would help: a more responsive progress bar, so people don't think that nothing is happening; smaller updates so downloads don't take so long; faster servers, again so downloads are quicker. 

Games perform great and look great. At least the games I've been playing. And if they don't, publishers are releasing patches. If games are coded for the system properly, they can achieve 60 frames per second and great looking visuals. Games like Nano Assault Neo (which is a paltry 50MB download, by the way... let that sink in) or Tekken Tag Tournament 2 don't have frame rate drop, look gorgeous, and pretty much set the bar for third party developers to get their stuff together and code their games right.

Nintendo Land

Nintendo Land with 4 friends is a good time. People really dig Luigi's Ghost Mansion, a glorified game of tag, but man is it satisfying to catch people as the ghost! SO much fun.

Nintendo Land by yourself is OK. Multiplayer is where it really shines, but I've had fun with the throwing Ninja stars game, and Donkey Kong Crash Course is a tricky challenge.

Final words

I'm not regretting buying the Wii U day one. Not at all. I'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of it, and it's interesting to see how it's worked its way into a permanent fixture on the coffe table. One of the original hopes for the Wii was the people would turn it on and interact with it not just to play games, but to check the weather, or see news. It's why the original Wii menu is arranged into channels.

I think the Wii U is Nintendo's next iteration on that concept, and with the Gamepad I think they've succeeded. I check Miiverse pretty much every day, even if I don't play a game every day, I have the Gamepad in my hands and I'm interacting with the Nintendo ecosystem.

Score one for Nintendo.

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Nintendo needs its Miiverse app now

When the Wii U launched, I would never have guessed that its most compelling and 'sticky' feature would be the Miiverse. Nintendo launch a social network? Crazy.

And yet I find myself turning in the Wii U Ganepad just to check it. Did I get any friend requests? Are there any comments on my posts? Cool new drawings? It's strangely addicting, and unlike others have reported, I have yet to see anything rude. I haven't run afoul of the moderators with anything I've posted so far.

Nintendo has announced plans to bring the Miiverse to mobile devices and computers, but hasn't given any indication when those will come out. With a Nintendo Direct scheduled for tomorrow, now is the perfect opportunity for Nintendo to announce their Miiverse app.

Nintendo could really capitalize on the popularity of the Miiverse with a mobile app. Imagine being able to make posts, 'Yeah' them, or even leave drawings while you're using your smartphone.

I'm sure Nintendo has other plans for tomorrow, but I would be very pleased to see something for Miiverse mentioned.

Posted on December 4, 2012 .

24 hours with the Wii U

So I've had a day with the Wii U now, and here's a recap of how the first 24 hours went.

10:00 AM: Package arrives! I only have time to open the shipping box and look at the Wii U.

11:00 AM: Regular mail delivers New Super Mario Bros U. Good timing!

2:45PM: Unboxing ceremony performed.

4:00 PM: Plug in Wii U and charge Gamepad. Try to set up the Wii U without hooking it up to the TV. You can't do that. Decide to go to club nintendo and register my games for coins. New Super Mario Bros U is entered. Nintendo Land doesn't have a PIN code in it, at least not the pack in version. I try to enter my Wii U serial number. It tells me that I have to link my Nintendo ID to club nintendo through the Wii U itself. Will do that later.

4:30 PM: Vacuum the dust around my TV

4:45 PM: Get the Wii U hooked up, turned on. Initial set up goes great. I get the TV remote part working. I set up the wifi password. Start downloading the update. Play with my younger daughter while its downloading.

6:00 PM: After about an hour, it's done downloading and updating, but it's time for dinner. Agonizing.

7:00 PM: I'm back! Did you miss me, Wii U? Of course not. I set up my Nintendo ID (gamerparent, of course) and make a new Mii. The create a Mii from photo works pretty well, I accept. I let both girls create their own Mii's before bedtime.

7:45 PM: I can't figure out how to perform "initial setup of friends list". I cannot find the friends list, how can I set it up? I google it. Friends list appears when you click the "Home" button. Aha! Now that's set up, and I can add people through Miiverse. Cool! The limit is 100 friends, but you can follow 1000.

8:30 PM: The kids are tucked in to bed. I decide to test out the range of the Gamepad. Wii U is in the basement, I go upstairs to the living room, directly above the console. It works, mostly! Location is critical, the closer I am the better it works, but it does lose connection from time to time. I download my first eShop game, Nano Assault Neo. I play it a little, just from the Gamepad, upstairs from the Wii U. Not bad! Some glitches, though, so I'll probably have to find the best spot to sit up here. 

I link my club nintendo account to my Nintendo ID. I set up my Netflix account, I add and follow a few more people on Miiverse. I notice all the dust and lint that has already been attracted to the Gamepad. Sigh.

10:30 PM: Time to turn in.

8:30 AM: I turn it on, just to check my Miiverse. Three friend requests! Awesome. I poke around WaraWara Plaza a bit, checking out what people are saying. Noticing that most people prefer drawing and handwritten notes over typed ones. Some amazing artists out there!

Checking back on club nintendo, I do the Wii U survey for 160 coins. I also get a notice saying that in a week I can do the Nintendo Land survey for 50 coins. Happy.


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New Wii U facts

Official Nintendo Magazine has some new Wii U facts for today:

1. Moving software to USB storage device (and back: looks like you have to move games stored on external devices to internal memory in order to play them, you can't play them off the external storage device)

2. You can transfer your Mii's from Wii and 3DS to Wii U

3. Miiverse is global

4. Download Wii U eShop games while you play

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The Wii U launches in 12 days and we still don't know about online yet

Should we be concerned? The Wii U launches in less than 2 weeks, and we still don't know much about the online aspects of the console. Iwata has said that he would like to talk about Miiverse in an upcoming Nintendo Direct, so hopefully that will clear up the 'fog of vague' that surround the Miiverse and the Wii U's online functionality.
So far we know that Miiverse will start at the same time as the Wii U launch, that it includes some kind of plaza where your Mii congregates around games that you are playing, and that there are some chat and note functionality.
But here are a few questions which I hope get answered before the Wii U launches:
  1. no more friend codes, right?
  2. how will it handle usernames?
  3. will one Wii U system handle multiple users?
  4. will there be Club Nintendo integration? eShop? Wii accounts? can we unify them all into one Miiverse account?
  5. what is the extent of the mobile devices support?
  6. sounds like Miiverse is a social network, what about multiplayer matchmaking? leaderboards?
  7. can you access the Miiverse from your computer (i.e. through the web)?
  8. achievements? accomplishments? how will they work?

Please Nintendo, we need to know!


Posted on November 5, 2012 .