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Nintendo Direct and Badge Arcade on 3DS

A couple of highlights today:

Nintendo Direct returns on November 12th

Badge Arcade comes to 3DS in Europe on November 13th

If you don't know what that is, it's an app that's available on the Japanese 3DS (aka Collectible Badge Center), where you can play with virtual claw machines to try to win prizes, namely, little badges that you can put on your 3DS home screen. You use real money to buy turns to play the virtual arcade machines. The news that this is coming to the West is long overdue. I expect that it will come to NA as well, and be one of the announcements in the Nintendo Direct.

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Summary of Nintendo Direct 01.14.2015

Watch the Nintendo Direct here

Iwata wishes us a happy new year!

3DS game announcements

  • New Fire Emblem developed by Intelligent Systems, the same developer as Fire Emblem Awakening. New Story writer Shin Kibayashi joins the team. Promises that the effect of your choices will be greater than ever.
  • Puzzle and Dragons Z and Puzzle and Dragons Super Mario Edition is coming from Japan to Europe and North America. This is originally a mobile game that has been brought to 3DS
  • Pokemon Shuffle, a Pokemon puzzle game, available in February from the eShop

Wii U game announcements

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 (available now), Metroid Prime Trilogy (releasing Jan 29th), Punch Out (releasing Jan 22) Wii available through download. If a game was compatible with Classic Controller, it can be played with the Wii U Gamepad. Games half price for a limited time after launch.
  • Kirby & Rainbow Curse (February 20th), amiibo functionality
  • New wave of amiibo include Pac Man, Robin, Lucina, Wario, Ness, Charizard
  • Releasing March 20th is a new Super Mario line of amiibo, alongside Mario Party 10: new amiibo party mode. Amiibo with Smash Bros data on them will have to be reformatted to use with Mario Party 10. Special bundle with Mario amiibo. The new line include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser and Peach, in a different pose and look from the Smash Bros art style. A Toad amiibo is included in this wave, and adds a new mode to Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.
  • Splatoon (available May) includes a central plaza area where inklings hang out. Multiplayer is accessed via the plaza. Equipment, clothes, etc for your inkling can be purchased from shops in the plaza using in game currency gained by playing multiplayer. Main weapons, Sub weapons, and Special weapons available in a load out. 
  • New DLC for Hyrule Warriors to go with Majora's Mask release on 3DS. Tingle and Young Link included in the Majora's Mask Pack (available Feb 5)
  • New Trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Showing off extremely varied worlds, very large creatures, mechs and vehicles. Trailer shows characters running through many of the environments.
  • Mario vs Donkey Kong Tipping Stars (available March 5th) now includes a tipping system for you to reward people who have built levels. Game will also be releasing on 3DS, and cross buy on eShop.
  • Free to play game from Bandai Namco, code name "Project Treasure", features 4 player multiplayer, including Loot, disarming traps, etc. Coming exclusively to the Wii U.
  • Upcoming games: Elliot Quest, Blek, Citizens of Earth, Gunman Clive 2, Moon Chronicles episodes 2-4, SEGA 3D classics including 3D Afterburner II, 3D Outrun, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Story of Seasons
  • Fossil Fighters Frontier for 3DS (Available March 20th)

Reggie's special announcement

  • Talking 3DS and 2DS, and its great games
  • NEW 3DS XL in Red and Black (with coloured ABXY buttons)
  • Available February 13th
  • so far no word about the non XL size, no faceplates
  • enhancements include new c-stick, faster processor, face tracking 3D
  • automatically adjusts brightness of the screen depending on ambient lighting levels
  • change to MicroSD card for memory
  • AC adapter not included

Back to games

  • Codename STEAM incorporates Fire Emblem amiibo on the NEW 3DS XL
  • Also, more Marth Amiibo stock coming to North America later this year
  • Ace Combat Assault horizon Legacy + feb 13th
  • Xenoblade Chronicles for NEW 3DS XL port developed by Monster games available April
  • Iron Fall Invasion 6 player local and online multiplayer, with single player campaign, 60fps, shooter by VD Dev available soon on eShop
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate NEW 3DS XL bundle (the silver ice model seen in Japan) available February 13th, demo available soon, including beginners tutorial, and local and online multiplayer. Also a new Monster Hunter streetpass puzzle panel is coming soon.
  • Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D (available Feb 13th) now includes full 3D camera control
  • Also Majora's Mask Edition of NEW 3DS XL launching at the same time

UPDATE 11:40AM ET: Post edited for accuracy

First Nintendo Direct of 2015

Well it's a new year, and Nintendo is ready with announcements in the form of a Nintendo Direct. The video will air January 14th at 9:00AM ET, promising to give us news on games for Wii U and 3DS that are coming in Spring 2015.

I am hoping for a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate release date, perhaps in February. Also look for Splatoon, and probably some information on the New 3DS models.

Tune in tomorrow and we can find out together!

Nintendo Direct - 01.14.2015

UPDATE: It seems as though there is a special Media Event following the Nintendo Direct (via gamenesia) which likely points to new hardware! Excited!

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New Japanese Nintendo Direct!

New Japanese Nintendo Direct for 2012.11.14

Among the highlights: 

  • parental controls
  • after formatting, the amount of free internal memory is 7.2GB and 29GB for the Basic and Deluxe set versions, respectively
  • system itself takes up 4.2GB, leaving 3GB on the Basic and 25GB on the Deluxe
  • details on how external storage works (hard drives up to 2GB are supported; games cannot be stored on USB flash memory, only hard drives; games stored in internal memory or external memory are displayed on the main menu)
  • Only hard drives that are powered with a Y-cable (2 USB ports) or external AC adapter are guaranteed to work (doh! I think I need a different hard drive now, or maybe just a Y-cable?)
  • a Wii U version of the Virtual Console is coming that will play on the Wii U Gamepad in future

For a complete translation, check out: neogaf

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