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My Steam Controller came

My unboxing video on Periscope is here.

My new Steam Controller came and I opened it. After putting in the batteries, I tried it on my Mac. And while it let me navigate around Big Picture Mode, it didn't seem to be recognized in Hotline Miami.

I'll give it a try on my PC tomorrow. Also, did you know that it can do motion control? That means I can play shooters on my PC with motion control like in Splatoon. Boom.

It's a whole new world, baby.

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The Magic Hour Show Splatoon Giveaway!

What's better than a splatfest? How about a FREE splatfest?

That's right, we're giving one lucky person a copy of Splatoon! This is a North American Region game, so please make sure you can run the game before entering!

To enter, follow the instructions below, and good luck! You can enter in multiple ways, and you can enter each day, so check back for more entries. Contest closes on June 12th at midnight Pacific Time.

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Japan Wii U sales jump on the strength of Splatoon

Sales of Nintendo's new friendly shooter Splatoon have been brisk in Japan, so much so that it's been consistently going out of stock in its first week of release.

Sales numbers from Media Create are out and have pegged the sales of Splatoon at 144,818 units in its first 3 days. More interestingly, for the week of May 25 to 31st, Wii sales jumped nearly 10,000 units to 17,313, up from the previous week's number of 7,611. That was enough to place it in the number one spot, with the Playstation VITA and PS4 taking 2 and 3, respectively.

Whether this trend will be reflected in sales from North America and Europe remains to be seen, but early indications are that Splatoon is a big hit for Nintendo in the UK, with it taking the number 2 spot on the sales chart, just under Witcher 3.

Here are the numbers from Japan:

Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. [Wii U] Splatoon (Nintendo, 05/28/15) – 144,818 (New)
  2. [3DS] Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX (Sega, 05/28/15) – 41,442 (New)
  3. [PS4] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Spike Chunsoft, 05/21/15) – 22,454 (89,839)
  4. [PSV] Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (SCE, 03/19/15) – 12,449 (179,625)
  5. [Wii U] Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo, 05/29/14) – 11,654 (1,006,719)
  6. [PSV] Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons tr. (Bandai Namco, 05/28/15) – 11,215 (New)
  7. [3DS] Downtown Nekketsu Jidaigeki (Arc System Works, 05/28/15) – 9,444 (New)
  8. [3DS] Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition (GungHo Online Entertainment, 04/30/15) – 8,920 (252,479)
  9. [3DS] Assassination Classroom: Grand Siege on Kurosensei (Bandai Namco, 03/12/15) – 6,620 (75,242)
  10. [PSV] Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence with Power-Up Kit (Koei Tecmo, 05/28/15) – 6,360 (New)
  11. [3DS] Girls Mode 3: Kira Kira Code (Nintendo, 04/16/15) – 6,282 (140,808)
  12. [XBO] Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (5pb., 05/28/15) – 4,593 (New)
  13. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (Pokemon, 11/21/14) – 4,501 (2,631,071)
  14. [PSV] Possession Magenta (Idea Factory, 05/28/15) – 4,172 (New)
  15. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo, 09/13/14) – 3,507 (2,237,443)
  16. [PS4] Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster (Square Enix, 05/14/15) – 2,994 (24,498)
  17. [3DS] Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 (Bandai Namco, 08/07/14) – 2,858 (207,938)
  18. [Wii U] Mario Party 10 (Nintendo, 03/12/15) – 2,607 (146,290)
  19. [PS4] Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (D3 Publisher, 04/02/15) – 2,554 (45,143)
  20. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo, 11/08/12) – 2,526 (3,977,777)

Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales)

  1. Wii U – 17,313 (7,611)
  2. PlayStation Vita – 12,517 (11,352)
  3. PlayStation 4 – 12,272 (12,096)
  4. New 3DS LL – 11,170 (10,134)
  5. New 3DS – 4,129 (3,609)
  6. PlayStation 3 – 3,069 (2,627)
  7. 3DS – 1,418 (687)
  8. 3DS LL – 919 (827)
  9. PlayStation Vita TV – 529 (423)
  10. Xbox One – 522 (308)

via Gematsu

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Nintendo of Canada Celebrates Summer with Splatoon, Yogurty's® and Yogen Früz®

TORONTO, ON – May 26, 2015 – Nintendo of Canada is celebrating the launch of its newest title for Wii U, Splatoon, with the help of Yogurty's® and Yogen Früz®. Taking inspiration from Splatoon's ink-spraying, turf claiming action where players cover territory in bright, colourful ink, Yogurty's® and Yogen Früz® stores will offer special Splatoon flavours and toppings, contests and prizes, and the opportunity to play Splatoon at select stores!

From June 1, 2015 to September 8, participating Yogurty's® stores will include three Splatoon-inspired flavours: the Squidsicle sorbet, Inkberry froyo®, and swirl the two to create Squid Ink. Yogen Früz® stores will offer to splat your favourite flavours with juice-bursting popping bubbles in mango and strawberry flavours.

Splatoon and froyo® fans will be encouraged to share photos of their Splatoon froyo® creations on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to win Splatoon prizes. Use hashtags #SplatYourFroyo and #Splatoon for Yogurty's® or #InkYourFruz and #Splatoon for Yogen Früz®.

To kick off the celebration, there will be a special event held on Saturday, May 30 at the Yogurty's at 527 Bloor St W., Toronto from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m., where the first 100 people to play Splatoon will get a free cup of frozen yogurt and toppings.

Starting on June 15, Nintendo fans can visit the following participating Yogurty's® location for a chance to play Splatoon:


Yogurty's Montreal - 3454 Avenue Du Parc


Yogurty's Melville - 210 South Service Road


Yogurty's Calgary - 26 McKenzie Towne Gate SE, Unit 630
Yogurty's Edmonton - 3803 Calgary Trail, Unit 650


Yogurty's Thornhill – 8020 Bathurst Street, Unit 4B
Yogurty's Toronto - 1703 Avenue Road
Yogurty's Toronto - 527 Bloor Street West
Yogurty's Grimsby - 70 Livingston Avenue, Unit 1
Yogurty's Milton -  147 Main Street East
Yogurty's Vaughan - 9001 Dufferin Street, Unit A10
Yogurty's Hamilton - 1807 Stone Church Road
Yogurty's Niagara Falls - 4025 Dorchester Street
Yogurty's Innisfil – 945 Innisfil Beach Road, Unit 9
Yogurty's Burlington  -  5010 Pinedale Avenue, Unit 1001 A


For more information about the Nintendo and Yogurty's® partnership, visit

For more information about the Nintendo and Yogen Früz® partnership, visit

For more information about Splatoon, visit  

Like the Nintendo of Canada Facebook page:
Follow Nintendo of Canada on Twitter:

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Nintendo takes multiplayer Splatoon out for a "Global Testfire"

In a interesting move for Nintendo, the company is releasing a server load test demo this coming weekend. A playable demo will be released and players can connect for 4v4 online matches for one hour on May 8th (8-9PM Pacific) and for two hours on May 9th (4-5AM and Noon-1PM Pacific).

Check it out for yourself by downloading the Splatoon Testfire App, and connecting to play during those server test times! The Magic Hour Show co-hosts Ryan Thompson and Mikey Rollins will be there on Friday May 8th to participate in the first hour of testing, so please find them and ink them real good!

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What a great Nintendo Direct! Watch it again!

Did you catch the Nintendo Direct yesterday? Being shown at 6pm Eastern time, I was able to sit down and watch it during dinnertime with my family. We're most looking forward to Splatoon and the Animal Crossing characters and track DLC in Mario Kart 8.

00:00 Mewtwo Strikes Back
02:10 Super Smash Bros. Update
03:22 Lucas Comes Out of Nowhere
06:30 Super Smash Bros. amiibo
07:31 amiibo Tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits
09:00 Mario Maker
12:05 Yoshi's Woolly World
13:29 Yoshi's Woolly World amiibo
14:17 Splatoon
15:45 Splatoon amiibo
16:34 Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS come to Wii U Virtual Console 
18:04 Adventures of Pip
18:39 Octodad: Dadliest Catch
19:23 Mutant Mudds Super Challence
19:49 Don't Starve Giant Edition
20:31 Coming Soon to the Nintendo eShop
22:30 Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
24:44 Fatal Frame for Wii U
25:26 BOXBOY!
25:32 Pokemon Rumble World
27:46 Puzzle and Dragons Z + Puzzle and Dragons Super Mario Edition
30:19 Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains
31:03 Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Update and Tournaments
32:23 StreetPass Mii Plaza Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z
33:38 StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium
34:28 Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
37:14 Fire Emblem
41:05 Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and amiibo Cards
42:47 Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing DLC
45:04 Mario Kart 8 Additional Mii Racing Suits 
45:28 200cc is Here! 

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