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I wish I could turn this into a watch blog

So I've been really digging my new Seiko 5 Automatic watch, and really, if you're looking at a perfect entry level watch with a self winding mechanism (no batteries, ever!) then a Seiko 5 is a great place to start. I got mine for under $100 and it's my first sort of 'serious' watch that isn't a Timex.

I created a search on Amazon for only automatic winding watches, and from 'decent' brands. If you want to check out what I peruse when I'm not working or playing games or taking care of kids, this is the page. :)

Automatic watches from 'good' brands on Amazon

Posted on November 22, 2014 and filed under Article.

Installing eShop games on the Wii U can take a long time

Case in point: Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. It's a 5.8GB download, which in itself took over an hour. Then when I launched the app for the first time it showed me 1:05 remaining time for the install. That's an hour and five minutes. It's long enough that last night I decided to go to bed rather than play the game.

If there's something that needs optimizing, it's this. Sure you need to unpack the compressed files and install stuff. I get it, there's things to do. But it shouldn't take that long to install something, particularly to the internal memory.

It's a good thing that when you're installing it overrides the Auto Power Down feature. It's as if Nintendo anticipated that installs might take a long time, and the console's power settings might interfere with installs...


Posted on November 23, 2012 and filed under Article.