Extra Life Game 2: Broforce

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On episode 43 of the Magic Hour Show, Bromikey described Broforce in a manner that immediately resulted in a high ranking placement on the Steam Wishlist. “Contra with destructible environments,” he said. Tonight, I played it for the first time.

My hour with the game was brotastic, bro-riffic, broMAZING, BRO-okay, that’s enough of the bro stuff, bro. It’s a lot of fun. The over the top pop-culture references to American action heroes is absolutely hilarious. Each hero possesses unique weapons related to the character they’re based on (Bro in Black has the crazy mini-laser pistol from Men in Black, for example).

At least in single player, which was what I played tonight, the characters instantly switch every time the player dies. This makes for varied gameplay, even when the session is short.

I think my favorite bit of “bro-tacular,” as Mikey put it, action in my first hour with Broforce was launching a bad guy into a propane tank, which then ignited and propelled through the environment. The ROCKET TANK destroyed the ground under a truck and killed men near the truck, in addition to the truck falling through the ground and squashing even more baddies below. I think I unlocked an achievement for at least one part of that.

Posted on November 5, 2016 and filed under extralife.