Extra Life Game 3: Chroma Squad

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I somehow put 11 hours into Chroma Squad between Midnight Friday and Noon Sunday, at least that's what my Steam playtime suggests. I'm about 80 percent finished with the Power Rangers inspired SRPG and am enjoying it enough that those hours flew by.

Chroma Squad is developed by Behold Studios and doesn't hide its inspiration at all. You, the player, are in charge of a Power Rangers-esque television show, manipulating the events on set as they unfold (with the lines of in-game reality vs. TV fantasy frequently blurred). The main team consists of 5 actor-rangers with skills unlocking as the game progresses and a variety of equipment to craft and buy. You're also responsible for managing contracts, marketing deals and upgrading the studio where filming of the "show" takes place.

Combat is stellar, and puts emphasis on teamwork. Colorful combo moves and finishers deal great damage when your team executes them together. Much combat is top-down classic SRPG style. When enemies become larger than life, Mecha combat is flat 2-D and takes on a simple timing-based mechanic. Click at the optimal time to deal optimal damage, and unleash some powerful Mecha skills on your enemy. Strategizing my "MechaZord" battles has become one of my favorite parts of the game because the upgrades that can be crafted for your giant robot have dramatic impact on how these battle segments play out.

The story is told in episodes over multiple seasons (seems like there are 5 seasons, with 4 - 5 episodes each). As the series progresses, the stakes get higher, new friends and enemies are discovered, and our team learns that friendship is where true power lies.

I've had a lot of fun with Chroma Squad this weekend, and look forward to finishing up my first playthrough very soon. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's morphin' time! ...I mean, non-copyrighted changing form time!


Posted on November 6, 2016 .