Journal of the Wild - Zelda with Toddlers

This is the first post chronicling my second playthrhough of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. My two-year old son wanted to see the skeleton mobs that spawn during the game's nighttime. So, I restarted. A majority of the Great Plateau's (starting area) collectible Korok seeds later, it was clear I was interested in more than just a casual battle with a few bokoblin's. 

The environmental exploration of this Zelda title is providing springboard for great conversation with my son about what we are seeing as we journey. I have the primary controller, while he holds the Joycon Grip (which I need to figure out how to desync, his button presses take me to a controller options screen). On starting our adventure, I told him we will have places we need to go, but that if he sees anything he wants to investigate, we can check any area of his interest. Highlights of our time on the Great Plateau:

- Son recognizing the Old Man's voice, and getting excited as he'd parachute in.  

- Discussing the shift in temperature as we climbed to higher elevations. 

- Finding ingredients to "cold food" as he called it, to protect us from dropping temperatures. 

- His development of descriptions for Korok expressions: "mean, happy, sad face."

- Defeating the first rock monster (Stone Talus), and teaching about what real life amber is. 

We ended the night climbing the next area's map-marking Tower. The Dueling Peaks region awaits!

Posted on May 28, 2017 .