Journal of the Wild #3 - Peeking around the Peaks

We've been collecting korok seeds in the Dueling Peaks. Using a guide for this is really the only way to do it. I'm surprised at how dense the map is with them! Certainly, if I replay the game after DLC is released, I'll have a much better idea of what to look for. There are Koroks in places I never imagined to check first time through, such as the arched entrance to Kakariko Village. Stray arrows mark a Shiekah symbol others have shot at and missed. Hit it with an arrow and dun-na-na-nah-na! 

 We ended up following the road to Kakariko village when my son saw the glowing golden quest marker on the map. "What's that good thing? What's there? Let's go see it?" He said.  And so, we set off on the path. 

On the road to Kakariko, players encounter a maracas playing tree creature named "Hestu." He increases inventory space in exchange for Korok seeds. We just happen to have a few of these!

My son was excited to see this "tree guy" right away. "He's like a really, REALLY BIG Korok!" he exclaimed, as we returned Hestu's lost maracas to him. We took turns choosing which stash to pay him to upgrade. Shield, weapon and now inventory slots were increased and we proceeded on our way to Kakariko. After a dance break, "like the tree guy does."

This segment of our journey ended in Kakariko. Son was rather concerned about the old lady at the entrance of the town. "Is she snoring? Is she hurt? Is that his grandma?" She's Link's grandmother, he decided, and Link wanted to spend some time with her. So, we imagined that these two characters who say very little had a nice chat and hung out by the fire. 

Posted on June 12, 2017 .