Dates with Destiny

Destiny 2 ended up being a more parent-time friendly game than I anticipated. I picked up Destiny 2 through Humble Bundle’s monthly subscription service. It was June’s early unlock game. In the 3 weeks I’ve been a Guardian, I’ve leveled one character to max (20 in the Vanilla version, which is what you get here), and have a second at level 13.

Destiny dispenses the loot, grind, repeat cycle at a pace that’s working well with how I game. Sometimes I’m able to squeeze in a 30-minute to an hour session in the morning before work. In that time, I can shoot a few aliens, join a few random public events (which are my favorite part of the game), earn some coins for local faction reputation, or complete a story/side mission.

I’m not yet looking at completing any of Destiny 2’s group activities, so I can’t speak to them. But I can speak to the satisfying shootin’ and lootin’ that can be had in half-hour sessions, if that’s how you need to digest the game. It’s certainly been worth the $12 the month to Humble Monthly cost, and I’m likely to pick up the expansion(s) to go beyond level 20.

At posting, it’s May 27, 2018 – there’s still time to sign up for this month of Humble Monthly and get a copy of Destiny 2 on PC. Should you choose to become a guardian, feel free to add me on BattleNet at Zoso1701#1980. Myself and friends from the GamerParent Network have developed a casual schedule of Sunday and Tuesday game nights around 10/10:30 EST until about midnight.

Posted on May 27, 2018 .