Ryan's 2019 Backlog Plan

We all have games that go unfinished. I recognize that not all games are enjoyable enough to see through, and am working to recognize when I fall victim to the sunk-cost fallacy. If any media is not enjoyable, our consumption of it should stop, lest we get angry for subjecting ourselves to long periods of "entertainment" we did not find entertaining.

So, games that don't grab me will be filed in an "incompletable" pile, removed from the backlog, most likely never to be seen again. At least, they will not occupy a space in my mind as games I should give attention to.

Out of the gate, here's what is planned for focus and completion in 2019.

1. Divinity: Original Sin 2

I thoroughly enjoyed the 50 hour + experience of Divinity: OS1 and look forward to continuing the adventure I began at Christmastime with my performer turned backstabby rogue. She also happens to have some dark presence within her mind, slowly taking control and using her to murder people. And, I have a cool squirrel companion. He rides a skeleton squirrel, and speaks with a dignified British accent.

2. Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Now that I've got my son playing with me, I really think this will be among the first titles completed this year. Providing the younger co-op player with both a travel-to and follow player one button has been extremely helpful. I also don't notice a difficulty increase with two players, which makes having a gamer-in-training no more stressful than the single-player experience.

3. Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu!

I may end up seeing this game through three times. Once for myself, and twice as a support trainer for my kids. After a few hours, I don't feel this game will be very challenging, and that's fine. I'm excited to enjoy my time catching as many 'mon as possible, and battling my way to be the very best trainer. This game is simplified in a way that makes so much sense to introduce the millions of Pokemon Go players to the main series. I can't imagine throwing someone who is simply curious about the Pokemon games into a world of 800 of these things, and all the deep and sometimes complex mechanics that have become staples of the games.

4. Citizens of Earth

In looking up some info about this title, I found that Waypoint actually published an article on it in 2017. https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/nzdbjb/citizens-of-earth-in-the-time-of-trump - This game is a humorous, Earthbound-inspired RPG with dozens of characters to potentially recruit to your party. I never finished it on the WiiU, but intended to and enjoyed my time with it there. Here's to the Steam version being completed this year. On The Magic Hour Show podcast, we had a great time chatting with the developer team. Find that here: http://www.gamerparent.net/the-magic-hour-show/2015/8/26/questions-with-eden-industries-the-magic-hour-show-22

5. Dead Space 2

Dead Space was one of the most memorable titles I finished in 2015. How it took so long to experience this series, I don't know. (I do, it's called World of Warcraft.) Combining two things I love - survival horror and space - I have been saving Dead Space 2, like one might wait to eat the part of dinner they think they'll enjoy the most. It's time I stop saving it, and start eating.

I aim to complete about 25 games a year, and make an effort to not buy new games if I'm not finishing titles that have languished on the dreaded pile for some time. I look forward to sharing the games we're playing with you here, on the podcast, and across the internet universe.

Posted on January 1, 2019 .