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Extra Life Game 2: Broforce

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On episode 43 of the Magic Hour Show, Bromikey described Broforce in a manner that immediately resulted in a high ranking placement on the Steam Wishlist. “Contra with destructible environments,” he said. Tonight, I played it for the first time.

My hour with the game was brotastic, bro-riffic, broMAZING, BRO-okay, that’s enough of the bro stuff, bro. It’s a lot of fun. The over the top pop-culture references to American action heroes is absolutely hilarious. Each hero possesses unique weapons related to the character they’re based on (Bro in Black has the crazy mini-laser pistol from Men in Black, for example).

At least in single player, which was what I played tonight, the characters instantly switch every time the player dies. This makes for varied gameplay, even when the session is short.

I think my favorite bit of “bro-tacular,” as Mikey put it, action in my first hour with Broforce was launching a bad guy into a propane tank, which then ignited and propelled through the environment. The ROCKET TANK destroyed the ground under a truck and killed men near the truck, in addition to the truck falling through the ground and squashing even more baddies below. I think I unlocked an achievement for at least one part of that.

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Extra Life Game 1: Yoshi’s Wooly World

Extra Life is a charitable organization that inspires gamers to play games for 24 hours, and raise money for children’s hospitals while doing so. Many participants stream their gameplay. I am not set up for streaming this year, so I’ll post some ramblings here about the games I play. Please consider donating to me and the Gamer Parent Extra Life Team, or to any of the many gamers participating.

First game up is Yoshi’s Wooly World on the Nintendo WiiU. The last production model of this system rolled off the production line today. My wife and I purchased a WiiU at launch, the November before we had any children. It’s been very good to us, providing family family co-op experiences and enough single player (and not as kid friendly) opportunities to keep my occupied.

It’s my goal to finish every physical game I own for the WiiU before the Nintendo Switch releases in March of 2017. Alex, my wife, and I have played Wooly World co-op through World 5, and the remainder will be played that way as well. It’s not easy with two players. Much like the multiplayer Mario games, one finds themselves bouncing wildly with other players. This leads to moments of frustration and hilarity, but mostly frustration. Our play sessions have been in short bursts, with long stretches in between. The stability of our marriage is at stake here, which is more important than the fate of all those adorable wooly Yoshis.

I’ve played a bit with our kids in mellow mode. In mellow mode, the players’ Yoshis can float through the levels. It’s been fun with the kids; I don’t have to worry about them falling down too many pits, but it reduces the challenge to an embarrassing level for us HARDCORE gamers. I’m totally using mellow mode to find hidden items we missed in our playthrough.

Nintendo has released a string of games that fully embrace an aesthetic on the WiiU. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Yoshi’s Wooly World, and Paper Mario Color Splash commit entirely to the art style and the materials the objects in the game are based on. The yarn in wooly world looks, moves and interacts with the environment in at least what seems like a very realistic way. For the looks alone, we will finish this game. (It’s a competent platformer, too – with some fun bonus levels and areas. YOSHI ON A MOTORCYCLE IS FUN)!

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