Mental Health Awareness - The Magic Hour Show 10

On this week's show we recognize Mental Health Awareness Month and special guest Lindsey Tropf joins us to talk about games that help promote flourishing mental health and awareness. 1:09:20/63.5MB

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Show Notes


How Video Games Can Improve Dialogue on Mental Illness - Huffpost, Mona Shattell

Gaming well: links between videogames and flourishing mental health  - frontiers in Psychology

TAO Connect 


The Benefits of Gaming  Infographic

Suggested Games, by Category:

General Mental Health:

<Any Age> Super Better (by Jane McGonigal)

Threes (recommended by Twitter follower @watercoolerhobo)

Emotional Regulation:

<Young Children> If…

Personal Zen:

Games to learn about Mental Illness:

Elude - an experience of Depression

For The Records - (interactive documentary and games including Through Darkness)

Depression Quest - (interactive fiction game)

The Magic Hour Show Picks of the week:

Ryan - These little socks from the UK that stay on the baby’s feet. Little Grippers 

Mikey - Workflow for iOS

Eugene - Freakonomics Radio - a podcast about the hidden side of everything

Lindsey - Gratitude Journal. <given the topic this week> - thanks!


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