Extreme Budget Gaming - The Magic Hour Show 61

Eugene and Ryan talk about gaming on an extreme budget, the SNES's 25th anniversary, and much more! (52.8MB/57:47)

Picks of the week:
Ryan - MAGFest Labs, Alexandria, VA - I’ll be hosting a room for gamer parents to socialize, network, have discussion about how we incorporate our hobby with our children of all ages.
Eugene - inspired by recent road trip, a couple of picks. One is the podcast “Good Job Brain: trivia and quiz show podcast” which as the name suggests, is full of interesting tidbits of information.
The other is a card game called Spot It - On The Road. A stack of cards, each with 10 or so pictures on it of things that you might see as you drive (school bus, police car, a dog, a jogger, a rainbow). There’s actually a number of games you can play with the cards, and it's great for passing the time, or having friendly competitions all day long!

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Posted on August 24, 2016 .